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Episode 017: Dark Knight Detective

Recorded February 24, 2014

This episode contains: counting the rings, Dorst family disinterest, talking to the higher powers, banana hammock, the gay zone, R.I.P. Harold Ramis, reviewing his huge library of work, huge love for Caddyshack and Ghostbusters, print is dead, Wacko of the Week: Blondie Bennett, augmentations, hypnotherapy, junk-in-the-trunk Barbie, self-esteem, huffing paint to save money, fingerprinting meat curtains,, losing faith in humanity, Batman is the worlds greatest detective, Hush, JLA, brains vs brawn, Scott Snyder and Zero Year, the process of being Batman, internal monologues, Sherlock Holmes with RDJ and BBC Sherlock,  Inspector Gadget, Gotham on Fox and who the main character is, Sons of Anarchy spoilers, CW and Arrow, Gotham City vs Metropolis, President Luthor, the problems with Superman, Justice League: Doom, Batman is prepared for everything.

via Episode 017: Dark Knight Detective | The Official Pure BS Podcast Webpage.

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