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Episode 044: Your Mom’s Basement

Recorded on September 7th, 2014

This episode contains: Origins of Labor Day, end of summer, the equinox, fake grass, sad sod, running times, running motivation, podcast advice, Interview with Aixa and Nicolette of Go Betty Go, name screw up, half a hard-on, Into Darkness, Lizzie Borden, psycho-billy pandora, Horrorpops, recording a new EP, touring and being homeless, Warped Tour and Pinocchio, Side One Dummy, origins of the band, the Italian drama of Nicolette and Michelle, The Iris, The Nerd Vomits, kids in the middle of nowhere, water shortages and dehydration, condom hi-jinx, the black mamba, plastic wrapped car, crowd funding, shows and tips, connecting with fans, pledge music exclusive rewards, dogs, mini-golf with a fan, Haunts you Now video, tour plans, Madonna Inn talk, awkward wrap up, Go Betty Go, the official band of PBS, The Roots, sports movie Karate Kid, Hilary Swank and Jennifer Garner, rotten tomato ratings, soccer and karate, Tomb Raider games and movies, skeevy names for breasts, September Carrino is NSFW, twitter and tv, Star Wars Rebels, Marvel and Darkhorse.


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