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OOO: Episode 215: Peter Anthony “The Accidental Prophet”

Join @JasperColeSays for a fascinating discussion with multi-gifted intuitive Peter Anthony aka “The Accidental Prophet”. Both Peter and Jasper share intimate details about their absolutely incredible NDEs (Near Death Experience) and how their lives have never been the same after such a traumatic experience. Challenged by the recovery process and plagued by the uncertainty of “Who will believe me?”, “Am I target?”, “Why did I survive and what’s my mission?” Now guided by the signs of the universe and their fine-tuned intuition, both Peter and Jasper share their profound wisdom and insights on life. Questions are explored such as: “Is there life after death and what is the process of “dying”? “What’s a life review and are we judged for our actions or inaction?” “Why is 1111 and other number sequences significant?”, “Do past loved ones visit us in our dreams?”, “Why is gratitude so important in life?” “Does reincarnation exist?” ‘What can we learn spiritually from our current political climate?” Press play now and find out many answers to life’s mysterious questions in this deeply authentic and enlightening interview.

Bio: Peter Anthony is a producer, International Psychic and Paranormal Investigator, author of Key Master and a Numerology Life Coach. Peter’s book, Key Master, inspired by his own NDE, has been recently inducted into the Edgar Cayce Library, and is under development for a film. His book tour across the world promotes the International Association of Near Death Studies, and has propelled him to becoming a defining speaker for Near Death Experiences.

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