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TSP: Episode 031: Discless Xbox and PS5 Details

Dan, Tuesday and Steve talk about games again.  Why Because we love games.  Check out and the If you like what you hear please subscribe, comment and rate us.

In this Episode…

Tuesday is playing more Nintendo Stuff and shaming PS5 players, Super Mario Deluxe (3:29)

Speaking of smelling like Bitch (lol) Steve Joins us  (5:41)

Steve is playing Fallout 76 with Dan (10:41)

Also Playing What Remains of Edith Finch (18:40)

Dan in playing World War Z and Fallout 76 (31:50)

Days Gone talk (37:07)

Xbox One S All Digital Version (50:31)

Sonys Next Gen Console (Never confirmed its called PS5) (66:01)

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