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Category: Verbal Shenanigans

VS: Episode 308: Dryden Mitchell

Today, we are joined by Dryden Mitchell, lead singer of the very successful band, Alien Ant Farm.  Dryden was a really down to earth, funny, and interesting guy to talk […]

VS: Episode 306: Charles Baker

Boom! Another amazing episode formed out of the ethos tonight.  We are joined by Charles Baker, aka, Skinny Pete of Breaking Bad.  Charles was an amazing interview, and just a […]

VS: Episode 304: Kevin Eastman

Oh baby, do we have a good one for you.  If you are  somewhat close to our age, you are probably familiar with our guest tonight.  You may have watched […]

VS: Episode 302: Bruce Vilanch

Up, across, or diagonal, whatever direction, take Verbal Shenanigans for the win. We get the pleasure tonight to speak with comedy writer Bruce Vilanch. The fun loving, glasses wearing person […]

VS: Episode 298: Mike Reynolds

Today, we are joined by Michael E. Reynolds.  Mike is an American architect who is based out of New Mexico. He is well known for his construction and design of […]

VS: Episode 296: Jack O’Halloran

We are back!  And today, we are joined by well known former boxer and actor, Jack O’Halloran!  You may recognize Jack from his time in the ring with the likes […]

VS: Episode 292: Larry Hankin

Oh, you have certainly seen our guest along the way.  From classic movies like Escape From Alcatraz, to comedic performances in Billy Madison and Seinfeld, to Home Alone, and even […]

VS: Episode 290: Toby Philpott

Sometimes, genuine conversation brightens your day.  After a bad day, our day was brightened by talking to Toby Philpott. Toby is an English puppeteer, best known for his work in […]

VS: Episode 288: Doug “Cosmo” Clifford

Oh, no big deal,we are just chatting with legends today. We have the pleasure of talking with Doug “Cosmo” Clifford, drummer for the one and only Creedence Clearwater Revival. We […]

VS: Episode 284: Howard Berger

We are joined by make up and special effects legend, Howard Berger.  Howard’s resume is undeniably amazing.  Whether it’s the Walking Dead,  Breaking Bad,  the Chronicles of Narnia, Kill Bill, […]

VS: Episode 280: The San Diego Chicken

During the apocalypse, it is important to stay entertained.  So join us and have a listen to this great episode of the show.  Today, we are joined by Ted Giannoulas, […]