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Category: GeekDig

GDC: Episode 150: VPN Time

Clint & Steve are this week’s dynamic duo, hitting 150 episodes, 50% hiatus, shout-out to This Freakin’ Show, work stuff, making music, Clint’s cheat week, getting old, school, Clint’s a […]

GDC: Episode 149: Fable Misfortune

Clint & Ian this week, talking about the show reaching 3 years, voice mails, moving, Dunkirk was awesome, Fable Fortune really wasn’t, Nightmare Before Christmas, Dying Light, the zombie apocalypse, […]

GDC: Episode 148: The Takeover

With all of Clint’s co-hosts retreated, he is left alone to fight against the Horrible Gamers takeover, led by Ryan & Gunny. We talk updates, differences of opinion in Spider-Man, […]

GDC: Episode 147: Craven Violence

Clint & Ian catch up and talk about the week, weight loss updates, 40th birthdays, Far Cry Primal, Netflix’s Castlevania, Stranger Things Season 2 launch date, Xbox game gifting, pruning […]

GDC: Episode 144: Cybernetic Implants

This time around, it’s just Clint & Skip. They chat about their weeks (which include job searches, dead bunnies and American Gods), biosensing tattoos, Sony gives lame-ass excuses, Destiny 2, […]

GDC: Episode 143: Luke the Drifter

This episode, Clint is joined by Luke of the Bold & Belligerent Podcast. We sit & talk live music, movie rentals, getting burned by Nintendo, VR may not be the […]

GDC: Episode 142: Nacho Grande

Skip & Ian are off this week, so Clint & Steve bring in their awesome friend Cody! We catch up a little on the week, finding loopholes to put off […]

GDC: Episode 141: Glowing Ding Dong

The four horsemen of the apodcalypse have come together to have a little fun! Clint, Skip, Steve & Ian sit down and BS about their weeks, Skip picks up Elite […]

GDC: Episode 129: The Johnny Whitetrash Show

This episode contains some audio hiccups, but we were able to salvage the actual conversation. Welcome to Lost Episode 129, the once untold tale of Clint and his Canadian counterpart, Johnny Whitetrash! […]

GDC: Episode 140: The Smokey Gun

Clint & Steve catch up and make our grand announcement – welcoming GeekDig’s brand new co-host, the Smokey J himself, Ian (yeah, we’re four strong now)! We talk guns, heading to Texas, […]

GDC: Episode 139: Clown House

Clint & Skip tease an upcoming major change, Fear & Ro feed Clint’s sleep deprivation, Iron Fist wasn’t that great but GOTG 2 was, watching Doctor Strange, Clint’s looking to relocate, Skip […]

GDC: Episode 138: Another Murder On Mars

Skip’s laptop is off tonight, Steve’s back, and we’re joined by Kenneth Centers & Paul Gori, writer & artist (respectively) of the retro-futuristic, pulp detective comic book, Astropunk. Astropunk: Murder […]

GDC: Episode 137: Elite Replacer

Steve is sick, and the Skype Gods hate Skip, but returning to the co-pilot seat is none other than Ian (a.k.a., SmokeyJ223). We talk future plans, boundaries crossed, Wolfenstein, loving Bethesda despite […]

GDC: Episode 136: Rubbing The Hose Again

The trio is back together… for as long as connections allow. We kick off with a couple shout-outs & announcements, our weeks, Silicon Valley Comic Con, C2E2, scary cosplay, dusting off Elite […]

GDC: Episode 135: Morality Play

Skip’s out sick, but who’s covering for who? Clint & Steve are joined by our amazing friend Ian (Smokey J223 on XBL). We talk sounding horrible over text, defining the Pick Of […]

GDC: EPISODE 134: Sony PlaySatan

Steve’s at work, so Clint & Skip hold down the fort. We talk guest spots, Happy Inception Day to Leon Kowalski, solar power, surprise party spoilers, Ghost Recon Wildlands, enter the […]