About the BSPN

The BS Podcast Network is the work of two guys who love podcasts. We love them so much, we started our own and now we’ve started a network.

Devon and Steven created the Science Faction Podcast in June of 2014 and have been talking science news articles, awesome Sci-Fi stuff and getting facts wrong ever since.

We gather podcasts that we enjoy to help each other grow. We have formed a little community and are dedicated to helping each other any way that we can. We cross-promote, have twitter conversations, and advertise for each other. If you join the Network, you are integrated into all of these things, but keep in mind the amount that you put in is the amount that you get out. We can’t guarantee that your numbers will go up if you don’t help out.

The BS Podcast Network has many, many plans for the future, so keep us in your ear holes as long as you can stand us and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @BSpodNetwork

Like what we do and want to support us? Patreon.com/bspodcastnetwork

–Steven & Devon

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