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Category: HellblazerBiz

HBP: Episode 89: Tom Paton

I first invited Tom onto my show in 2015, to talk about his upcoming first feature film Pandorica. I was then invited by Tom to the premiere at the Scifi Weekender in North […]

HBP: Episode 87: Paul Amos

Paul Amos is a fantastic actor and immense fun. He has taken fans by storm in his roles on TV, notably in Lost Girl. However, it’s as his alter-ego in […]

HBP: Episode 86: Mike Beckingham

Mike Beckingham is a British screen actor. Having starred in several films such as Birdwatcher and Narcissis, as well as the upcoming Redwood, from the same team that brought us Pandorica last year. Mike is […]

HBP: Episode 85: Lexi Blevins

Lexi is an amazing talented actress, who has been making a name for herself in the industry. She is accomplished on stage as well as screen, and even voice over […]

HBP: Episode 84: Victoria Atkin

@VictoriaAtkin #hollyoaks #assassinscreed #assassinscreedsyndicate Victoria landed her first role 6 months out of acting school and it happened to be in Hollyoaks, one of the most popular shows in the UK and as a […]

HBP: Episode 83: Mhairi Calvey

#abductmovie #actorslife @mhairicalveyact @william_b_davis @abductmovie Mhairi Isla Calvey was born in Glasgow and spent her childhood on the Isle Of Arran, off the West Coast of Scotland. Related to the actor Wolf Kahler (‘Indiana Jones: Raiders Of […]

HBP: Episode 82: Paul E Cooley

#author #authorslife #theblack #horror #scifi #novel Now and then you discover an author who totally captures your imagination. Little did I realise that when looking for a new audio book […]

HBP: Episode 81: Kevin McNally

#piratesofthecaribbean #piratesofthecaribbean5 #downton #designatedsurvivor Kevin is an accomplished actor, who prides himself on never having been unemployed in his long career. He was in the acclaimed British gangster film The […]

HBP: Episode 80: John Noble

#Fringe #LOTR #sleepyhollow For my latest episode and to celebrate my 80th episode, I am proud to bring to you the reknowned and talented actor who is known to millions […]

HBP: Episode 79: Charlie Halford

#constantine #lucifer #injustice2  Charlie Halford is known to Hellblazers worldwide as Chaz. A huge comic book fan himself, Charlies describes himself as a fanboy. Since Constantine, Charlie has been working really […]

HBP: Episode 77: Amanda Abbington

“I’m thrilled that I do have those fans that are very loyal and sweet” Amanda is an established British actress of stage and screen. She has had an illustrious career […]

HBP: Episode 76: Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan first came to my attention as the snarky scouser John Constantine, however by the time he took on that role, he was already an established name on stage […]

HBP: Episode 75: Blaine Rincon (TXD)

Blaine Rincon portrays one of the Saviors on Team Gavin in the world wide hit TV show The Walking Dead. Blaine has always been an artist, having grown up in Florida, […]

HBP: Episode 74: Rory Cowan

Rory Cowan was going to be a banker. There was one problem. He didn’t want to. Excelling in maths, Rory deliberately failed his maths exams in order to rule that out […]