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Category: The Slant

TS: Episode 149: Routines & Addictions

Socko Jones of Comic Book Jones joins us on a very personal episode to discuss the state of Stand Up Comic Book Jones, mental illness, alcoholism, addiction & horror movies. @slantshow on […]

TS: Episode 148: Science of a House Party

Nick Tilleli joins us to talk house parties, stories from around the comedy scene, the butting of heads, and the gentrifications of neighborhoods. @slantshow on FB, twitter, & IG Available on iTunes, Google […]

TS: Episode 147: How to Beat a Ticket

Kevin Gootee, host and creator of Comics Watching Comics and Antonio Giurato join us to address a critical e-mail, women in sports, gambling during the Oscars, and how to win […]

TS: Episode 146: Sal vs. The Mall Cop

Mike Bocchetti & Joe Mahoney fill the comedian gap left by Pat this week to discuss Joe’s life as a sperm donor, how Joe & Sal came to work together, and Sal’s […]

TS: Episode 145: Tater Tot Thievery

These episodes keep getting better! Kyle Mara joins us to recap his, Pat, Sal, & Lisa’s trip to Sioux Falls South Dakota for Sno Jam Comedy Festival 2018. You have to hear […]

TS: Episode 143: My Pre-Cyst Life

James Pontillo & John Kurshner join us on this Super Bowl night to discuss little league experiences, famous comics who came out of Staten Island, James Pontillo’s double cysts including location and leakage. Also how small […]

TS: Business Wars

From the people at Wondery, “Business Wars” hosted by David Brown and  takes you inside the big money, big egos of corporate America. Epic stories of mergers and takeovers in major […]

TS: Episode 142: Baby Shower Crashers

The Slant crew starts it off with the tale of Babbatumbe inviting the guys to a baby shower they weren’t invited to. An African baby shower. Hilarity ensues. Sal gets […]

TS: Episode 140: Celebrity Death Match 2020

The Slant crew talks the Golden Globes, The WWE Attitude Era, and the embarrassment of accidental public flatulence. @slantshow on FB & twitter Available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIN, […]

TS: Episode 139: Over Actors

The Slant crew review old movies and scenes where over acting is just what the doctor ordered as well as great sports leadership from the likes of Wally Backman. Also, […]

TS: Episode 137: Doubly Blessed

The Slant crew brings you conversation on ornithology, Al Franken, our current political climate, Sal’s show with Jackie the Joke Man Martling, secret Santas, losing their virginities and the situations surrounding those […]

TS: Episode 136: The Table

The Slant crew talks about are near misses in life where we could have been killed, the importance of professionalism among strangers, and the intricacy of social situations in school, […]