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Category: Potentium

PP: Episode 93

Martin Shkreli’s bail revoked (4:05) Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months in prison (7:40) GOP health care bill fails again (13:10) The NFL/National Anthem controversy continues  (20:35) The Humanitarian crisis in […]

PP: Episode 92

Mexico earthquakes (2:55) “Kid” Rock/Alex Jones & Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (5:45) STL cop acquitted of murdering unarmed black man/Riots (32:20) St. Pete Mayoral candidate Paul Congemi tells blacks to […]

PP: Episode 91.5

We’re off this week so here’s an interview I did on the Podcasting Spark podcast with Jeff Perry from 7/28/17 His topic was mainly bipolar disorder and mental illness Good […]

PP: Episode 91

Shot a 95 in my latest round of golf (4:25) 80 year old woman fights off rabid bobcat with a sickle (8:25) Oklahoma City bombing copycat thwarted (14:35) Kim Jong […]

PP: Episode 90

Mayweather vs. McGregor – “Conor McGregor” calls in (2:20) Trump – Arizona rally/Joe Arpaio pardoned/Sebastian Gorka fired (15:50) Hurricane Harvey (31:00) Evangelical bigots release “Nashville Statement”/Evangelical, home schooled idiots & […]

PP: Episode 89

Derek Releford from Bedroom Radio calls in/Joe vs. “Opie” live on Derek’s show from last week (1:15) The wreckage of the USS Indianapolis found (1:31:40) USS John McCain and ANOTHER Navy […]

PP: Episode 88

The Charlottesville attack/Confederate statues/Nazis (2:25) Steve Bannon fired/The Alt Right (32:10) More tooling on “Opie & Jar Jar” & fucking up their live show & interview…Because it’s just “TOO easy!” […]

PP: Episode 87

TV – Dracaris!/Snowfall/Manhunt: Unabomber (3:40) Martin Shkreli convicted of fraud (10:35) Joe Arpaio convicted of contempt (15:20) fox “news” sued over Seth Rich Story/Eric Bolling suspended for sending dick pics […]

PP: Episode 86

“Podcast wars!” On this special episode, we dedicate our whole old, average, political shit show to the dismantling of Terry & Duane  (“Opie & Jar Jar”) from last week after they […]

PP: Episode 85

Guess what everybody…I got laid last night! (2:45) Podcasters Terry Collins & Duane Perry call in (3:45) Now more than ever, ANYBODY can grow up to be President – Kanye […]

PP: Episode 84

Martin Landau dies (3:15) TC from the Damaged Goods podcast was supposed to call in (7:50) Ann Coulter vs. Delta (9:05) fox news’ “bombshell” of the “top secret” Comey notes […]

PP: Episode 83

Latest round of golf – Partner Bianna calls in (4:00) Manson family member Patricia Krenwinkel denied parole (16:05) North Korea now has an ICBM (23:00) Voter fraud commission facing backlash (32:00) […]

PP: Episode 82

Retraction from last week – It WAS legal for Alex Jones to record Megyn Kelly (6:15) CNN’s bad week (9:20) Canadian sniper sets world record, nails ISIS target from over […]

PP: Episode 81

Stephen Furst (Flounder from Animal House) dies (1:55) TV’s Batman Adam West dies (4:40) Otto Warmbier dies after a year in a N. Korean prison (11:40) Megyn Kelly interviews Alex […]

PP: Episode 80

Trump’s travel ban shot down again (3:00) Trump sued by DC & Maryland AG’s as well as 200 Dems (12:05) Jeff Sessions’ testimony (16:10) Trump under investigation for obstruction of […]

PP: Episode 079

Potentium – Episode 079 (6/10/17) Penn State officials finally jailed/Jerry Sandusky (2:15) Ohio AG sues big pharma over opioid epidemic (6:10) Bill Maher the “house nigga” (15:35) Devin Nunes/Subpoenas/Reality Winner […]