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Category: Potentium

PP: Episode 266

UT bill regarding trans women in female sports/Marjorie Taylor Greene & her sign 1st endangered animal cloned (5:10) Another stupid ass gender reveal death (11:00) No charges against Rochester officers […]

PP: Episode 265

Covid – Vaccinations & variants The top four baby food manufacturers knowingly sold toxic baby food that could cause brain damage (7:25) Gorilla Glue blues (12:20) Texas learns about winter […]

PP: Episode 264

Larry Flynt dies FL local water supply system hack (3:45) UT HS offers parents to opt their kids out of black history content (7:30) Prosecutors seek to amend Kyle Rittenhouse’s […]

PP: Episode 262

Marilyn Manson accused of sexual assault by Evan Rachel Wood Oregon drug decriminalization law goes into effect/Steve O shares his brilliant thoughts (15:15) Rochester PD cuffs & pepper sprays 9 […]

PP: Episode 262

FL ends Greyhound racing Covid – “Long Haulers”/Con artists (10:25) Biden – Executive orders/Transgenders in the military/Buying American/Covid relief (19:35) Dirty Bernie & his mitten challenges (28:45) Capitol attack – […]

PP: Episode 261

More Capitol arrests/National Guardsmen removed/Capitol on lockdown (4:50) Fox “news” incitement since Nov. 3rd (18:15) McConnell condemn Trump on the Senate floor (25:30) TX Trump cultist/domestic terrorist threatens to shoot […]

PP: Episode 260

Attack on the Capitol – Lapse in Capitol security/Officers suspended and or arrested/The cult’s ultimate terroristic plans/Qanon Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene says she’ll file Articles of Impeachment against Biden on […]

PP: Episode 259

A dark week in America Congress overrides Trump’s veto on defense bill (5:50) Trump tries to intimidate Georgia Sec. of State into “finding” votes for him & threatens him with […]

PP: Episode 258

KFC comes out with gaming console that warms fried chicken TN boy saves 22 month old sister from burning house (8:30) Nashville bombing (14:40) PA Trump supporter charged with actual […]