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Category: Potentium

PP: Episode 134

California wildfires (3:00) L.A. hostage shooting (8:50) Aero Mexico plane crash (13:20) Swedish royal jewels stolen (21:45) More racism – Having lunch on your campus/Helping the homeless while black (26:00) […]

PP: Episode 133

“Who is America?” Corrine Olympios/GA. State Rep. Jason Spencer 3D printed guns (22:50) Florida “Stand your ground” shooting (32:50) Racism – More couponing/Barbecuing while black (44:45) Alex Jones says Robert […]

PP: Episode 132

Sasha Baron Cohen – Who is America Duck boat tragedy (5:10) More prejudice in public – CVS – Transgender prescription denial/Couponing while black/Committing a foul in basketball while black (12:00) […]

PP: Episode 131

Kids in the cave all rescued (3:40) Georgia cops flip a virtual coin to determine an arrest (12:30) More racist incidents – Park/Pool/92 year old man/Papa John (17:55) Mitch McConnell […]

PP: Episode 130

Kids in the cave in Thailand (7:05) Florida tourist boat explodes (16:05) New crime…Swimming while black (20:00) Trump supporter Matt the firefighter calls in/N. Korea/Scott Pruitt (24:50) Michael Cohen (1:19:30) […]

PP: Episode 129

Woman denied D&C prescription to end her “miscarriage in the womb” pregnancy by religious pharmacist (5:20) Woman calls natural born Mexican/American citizen a “rapist” & “drug dealer” because Trump said […]

PP: Episode 128

Texas Hold ‘em/Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare (Herbert Moon) Black, unarmed teen shot in the back by East Pittsburgh police while running away  (21:25) Trump – Immigration/The separation of […]

PP: Episode 127

Robert De Niro says “Fuck Trump!” at the Tony Awards (4:00)  Inspector General’s report on the FBI investigation into Hillary’s emails/James Comey (6:25) Trump attacks Trudeau & Canada (14:55) North […]

PP: Episode 126

Secretariat & his ASTONISHING win at the ’73 Belmont Stakes by an INCREDIBLE 31 lengths/The cruelty of horse racing Idaho teacher feeds puppy to snapping turtle in front of Jr. […]

PP: Episode 124

Billboard Music Awards (4:45) Review of Solo: A Star Wars Story *****SPOILERS***** (24:40) Parents sue 30 year old son to get him to move out (37:25) Border Patrol prejudice/Sterling Brown […]

PP: Episode 123

Stephen King First round of golf this year…Shot a 99 (4:15) I received a summons to be on a Grand Jury (11:25) Red Dead Redemption (15:05) The British royal wedding/Family […]

PP: Episode 122

Yale prejudiced student (3:45) Chicago/LA technology combating violence (11:40) Eric Schneidermann (19:00) Iowa “Heartbeat Bill”/George Carlin on abortion (25:20) The ignorant redneck that is Don Blankenship (40:45) Trump – Vampira […]

PP: Episode 121

Update on Archie (4:00) Mt.  Kilueah erupts (5:40) Brink’s truck spills $600,000 on Indiana highway (10:45) Immigrant caravan from South/Central America (17:25) Michelle Wolf/WHCD (38:50) Trump – Dr. Harold Bornstein “raped”/Robert […]

PP: Episode 120

My cat Archie is in the hospital (4:30) Toronto van attack (8:05) Waffle House shooting (18:30) Bill Cosby found guilty/“Bill”  Fat Albert, & some of the Cosby Kids call in […]

PP: Episode 119

Starbucks racial incident (2:45) Southwest Airlines accident (12:50) Alex jones – Turning on Trump/Ex wife interview/Sued again by Sandy Hook parents/“Alex” calls in (26:30) Trump – Comey interview/Nikki Haley pushes […]

PP: Episode 118

Tool in the studio! Laura Ingraham returns to bitch after apologizing/Sean Hannity, his hypocrisy & Jimmy Kimmel/fox “news” (4:45) Trump – Paul Ryan/Michael Cohen/Syria/James Comey (50:30) Interview with Brian Fanning […]