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Category: Potentium

PP: Episode 186

Man attempts to poison his wife, on video, & Judge sentences him to 60 weekend days in jail (5:35) Sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts of America (12:05) Mass shootings […]

PP: Episode 185

Guest co-host Susi from Germany The Pink Lady Bandit arrested (9:15) $30 million dollar Brazilian airport gold heist (15:30) Dallas police kill mentally ill man who called 911 for help […]

PP: Episode 184

Gwen Shamblin – god vs. food PA school district threatens Foster care for kids who’s parents have outstanding lunch tabs (14:10) Oregon school district to implement mental health days (17:55) […]

PP: Episode 183

Maynard James Keenan vs. The Biebers (4:15) Madden ’20 ratings come out & slap the Bears in the face (16:40) No federal charges for NYPD officer who choked Eric Garner […]

PP: Episode 182

The Blue Bell ice cream licking scumbags identified (3:00) Racism – “Callbox Chris” (9:50) Man kills teen because he was “threatened” by his rap music (22:10) First US baby born […]

PP: Episode 181

The Fourth of July & how ignorant Americans are (3:45) “Manly” Force Factor pills & commercials (20:20) Nike, Betsy Ross & Colin Kaepernick (30:10) Judge James Troiano (NJ) says teen […]

PP: Episode 180

Rednecks – Talibama car dealership giving away an American flag, a Bible & a 12 gauge shotgun with every car FL Domestic violence victim arrested for stealing and turning over violent husband’s guns […]

PP: Episode 179

American deaths in the Dominican Republic (3:40) NC shark attacks (7:55) Chinese tourist stomps on sea turtle nest in Miami (12:55) Bear euthanized because people kept feeding it to get […]

PP: Episode 178

Bianna has cancer (4:40) State of New York moves to decriminalize prostitution/Alabama castrations for sex offenders (13:30) Jon Stewart lambastes Congress and gets 911 first responders funding extended (22:20) The […]

PP: Episode 177

Illinois legalizes recreational marijuana! (3:55) Jeopardy champion James Holzhauer loses in peculiar fashion(16:00) Drama at the mental health center and the DMV (23:45) Disturbing disposition from a KC cop on […]

PP: Episode 176

Bianna’s divorce is final/Relationships Mt. Everest deaths (8:15) FDA approves drug that costs 2.1 million dollars (15:25) The monumental hypocrisy of Mitch McConnell (23:40) Trump – (31:55) Nancy pelosi Kim […]

PP: Episode 175

All in the Family/The Jeffersons live remake Game of Thrones finale (18:35) Great white shark spotted off the Long Island Sound for the first time (28:05) High school Hope Squads […]

PP: Episode 174

Boeing 737 Max Jet controversy (4:30) RIDICULOUS amount of FDA recalls (8:30) Monsanto & Round Up (13:55) Racist “promposals” (20:20) Puritanical Alabama abortion law (40:35) Maine wants to give all […]

PP: Episode 173

Colorado STEM school shooting (4:40) “Winnie the Pooh” voiceover actor Jim Cummings accused of rape & animal abuse (18:45) Rhode Island “Lunch shaming” (28:55) Big Pharma prices/HHS/CEO John Kapoor indicted […]

PP: Episode 172

Bus driver rapist gets no jail time thanks to Judge James P. McClusky (5:05) Veteran terror plot foiled by the FBI (13:40) California synagogue shooting (18:25) UNCC shooting (24:35) Seattle […]

PP: Episode 171

Sri Lanka bombings A.J. Freund’s body found ten minutes from my house (10:40) Big Pharma CEO Larry Dowd arrested for opioid crisis (21:05) “Militia” terrorist leader arrested (25:55) Kentucky BBQ […]