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Category: HunnicWeen

HWP: Planet Hulk Part One

With Thor Fraggle Rock, dominating at the box office.  I’ve decided to pull off an Hunnic ’15 Classic. The Three Part Planet Hulk/World War Hulk Series The Thought/s and Opinion/s […]

HWP: HunnicWeen Season One Finale

Hey The Walking Dead Season One had six episodes, TMNT had five, HunnicWeen…had…two?  Five?     Whatever…the point is.  Time to recharge the batteries and work on some Season Two Eps. See […]

HWP: Super Mario Bros Movie

Folks, sorry after South Park Fractured But Whole.  Came out last week, I got really caught up in it.  So much that I didn’t have time to record an new […]

HWP: Fractured Bu Whole

As I’m counting down the mins.  Till my Fractured But Whole DL’s on my ‘Puter.  I’d figure why not go off the cuff.  Discussing what makes South Park the greatest […]

HWP: Emperor Joker

Sean Koon from Pittsburgh Nerd Podcast Joins me again. As we discuss the Emperor Joker Storyline.  Plus how cool is this?   I finally get around discussing the Cool World Prequel […]

HWP: Mother 2017

Unscripted Solo Review of Mother 2017. Director Darren Aronofsky, has given us.  Dream/Nightmare – esque films.   But taking a Biblical situation in the 21st century.  And pretending that it was a new Horror Fantasy film.  Only […]

HWP: Episode 3: Texas Chainsaw

HunnicWeen Blast From The Past 2015 With me losing power due to Hurricane Irma. Then finally getting it back, I’ll be an little behind. We also lost Tobe Hooper. So…it’s […]

HWP: Episode 2: Happy Happy Joy Joy

Oh, Joy, I got to interview. Two guys who were working on an Kickstarter campaign. Discussing the 90’s cult classic. Ren and Stimpy. Unfortunately, Kickstarter went Kaput, however On September […]

HWP: Episode 1: Suicide Mouse

HunnicWeen Series Premiere No One has educated me on death, better than Disney. Both and, pulled…this legendary….Disney Short Film? Look…In the 30’s The Entertainment Dept was an different […]

HWP: Episode -1: The Killing Joke

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Here I give you. The Average D.C.A.U. adaption of Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke. Step right up, don’t be shy. But be prepared for an thirty minute. […]