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Category: Science Faction Podcast

SFP: Episode 282: Gotta Nuke Something

This Episode Contains: Devon plays his guitar on the show. We talk about Devon’s trip to Oregon and Steven playing too much Rock Band. Biological Imperative: Pathways that extend lifespan […]

SFP: Episode 281: Dr. Seuss Adjacent

This episode contains: Devon is gone again so Ben Lawless is back on the show. Steven is back on the Rock Band bandwagon. Of Mice and Men: Forgetfulness might depend […]

SFP: Episode 280: Force Triad

This episode contains: This week both Devon Craft and Benjamin Daniel Lawless join Steven for a wicked talk about science fiction. And Star Wars. So much Star Wars. Holiday Talk: […]

SFP: Episode 277: Platform Agnostic

This episode contains: Benjamin Daniel Lawless join Steven as guest co-host this week! We’re excited to talk about Watchmen (when appropriate). Steven reveals that he watches The Mandalorian on Thursday […]

SFP: Episode 275: Yes, Disintegrations

This episode contains: Kids are sick and Devon’s son finally got out of his crib. Science Rocks!: Universal features of music around the world. New research supports the idea that […]

SFP: Episode 274: Galactic Archaeology

This episode contains: We talk about family pictures and haircuts. Cognitive Junction: Screen-based media associated with structural differences in brains of young children. A new study documents structural differences in […]

SFP: Episode 273: The Base Race

This episode contains: Steven has had a sick family. Devon is grinding away at life. Is this better or worse than being single? We discuss. Nature Watch: Carbon dioxide capture […]

SFP: Episode 271: Quantum Supremacy

This episode contains: Steven starts off with some Fallout news. We then get to the science. Getting Physical: UC Santa Barbara/Google researchers demonstrate the power of 53 entangled qubits. “Researchers […]

SFP: Episode 270: Blue Light Special

This Episode Contains: It’s been a week, says Steven. Steven tells us about his life and Devon tells us about how much his mother-in-law hated Joker. Get Physical: NASA engineer’s […]

SFP: Episode 269: Voluntary Bionic Arms

This episode contains: Devon is getting back into recording music and finally learns what a DAW is. Devon also changed the pickups on a guitar, using the solder and all; […]

SFP: Episode 268: There Are Four Lights

This episode contains: Welcome back Benjamin Daniel Lawless to the episode while Devon takes a week off. Ben had some interesting issues with his internet. We talk about the big […]

SFP: Episode 267: Technosignatures

This episode contains: Devon did not play Armada. Steven is looking forward to more X-wing releases. Steven talks about his D&D experiences. This Week in Space: Advanced Alien Civilizations May […]