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Category: Science Faction Podcast

SFP: Episode 241: Captain Marvel

This Episode Contains: Devon starts off with some spoilers for Archer. We then jump right into the science. Get Psyched!: Our brains are naturally self-centered. Research’s wanted to know how […]

SFP: Episode 240: To Be Concluded…

This episode contains: We haven’t really done anything new since the last recording. Devon explains how he can only be disciplined about one thing at a time. Steven then talks […]

SFP: Episode 239: Always

This episode contains: We recorded this ep on a Sunday. Devon’s been a single dad for the weekend and tell a little about it. This Week in Space: Scientists are […]

SFP: Episode 235: The Final Remembrance

This episode contains: Steven discusses his guest appearance on the Potentium podcast. We learn that the name of the podcast is actually a Star Wars term. Steven has yet another […]

SFP: Episode 234: The Best Ending

This episode contains: We talk about the last episode that Devon did not listen to. Devon looks forward to a debate with Ben about STD v. Orville. Devon talks about […]

SFP: Episode 233: It’s No Invader Zim

This episode contains: Special guest co-host Benjamin Daniel Lawless joins Steven this week! He talks about how he has automated his job (probably using science). Steven hasn’t been doing much […]

SFP: Episode 232: New Year, Old Us

This episode contains: Devon talks briefly about his grandma going into hospice care. We then talk about our weekend hanging out together and playing board games. We also saw the […]

SFP: Episode 231: Chronology Navigation

This episode contains: We’re back after recording just a couple days ago. Devon talks about seeing the SF symphony. We also talk about sitting through the credits of a movie. […]

SFP: Pre-Game this Podcast

This Episode Contains: It’s almost Steven’s birthday. Devon sent out a holiday card. Now, science: This Week in Science: A scientist has a theory that could explain dark matter and […]

SFP: Chiseling the Cave Wall

This episode contains: We play a quick game of “is that soda or beer” and Steven is shocked to learn something about Devon. Devon talks a bit about the Scythe […]