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Category: Science Faction Podcast

SFP: Episode 305: The Bees and Knees

This episode contains: We talk about how quarantine continues to affect us and our lives. Steven is having a tough time with his kids and Ben is having a better […]

SFP: Episode 304: Distinctly Fungal

This episode contains: Ben has been quarantined for 100 days. We talk about Juneteenth and how to be anti-racist. This Week in Space: New light has been shed on existing […]

SFP: Episode 303: Down for Transhumanism

This episode contains: Working hard and hardly working. We both survived anther week in this madness. Brain Matters: Tiny, magnetically powered neural stimulators have been developed. Using a ‘magnetoelectric’ power […]

SFP: Episode 301: The Pooping Population

This episode contains: This episode is full of anniversaries and sick burns. We also talk about the nonsense that is the 5G blocking USB stick that does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. We […]

SFP: Episode 300: Fouch and Twizpipe

This episode contains: Welcome Devon back to the podcast after his paternity leave…but don’t get too excited, he’s only back because this is our 300th episode! We talk kids, Simpsons […]

SFP: Episode 299: Giving Blood for Science

This episode contains: Steven and Ben talk about napping and salad. Don’t worry, we get to the science pretty quick. This Week in Space: ESO instrument finds closest Black Hole […]

SFP: Episode 298: A Gigaton of Dumb

This episode contains: Steven’s mind is a void and Ben is getting back to his other, other job, book publishing. All We Are is Dust in the Wind, Dude: […]

SFP: Episode 297: Adherence to the Organic

This episode contains: Birth announcement! Devon and Jen had a healthy baby boy, Elliot Liam Craft. Congrats! Ben tells us of his adventures in Minecraft with his son. Steven answers […]

SFP: Episode 295: Is it COBOL or Kobol?

This episode contains: Ben is back again. We talk about what we’ve been up to during the quarantine. Devon talks about his new mouse. Life, uh, Finds a Way: Ancient […]

SFP: Episode 294: Bake the Sick Away

This episode contains: We’re recording from our secret bunkers. Devon tells us about Lego Masters. Big Things, Small Package: On Mars or Earth, biohybrid can turn carbon dioxide into new […]

SFP: Episode 293: The New Normal

This episode contains: We’re still stuck in our houses. We discuss how we’re dealing with the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Biological Imperative: Ancestor of all animals identified in Australian fossils. A […]

SFP: Episode 292: Quaran-three-n

This episode contains: We’re joined by frequent guest host, Ben Lawless. We talk about how were all handling the quarantine. In cyberspace, no one can hear you read: Internet Archive offers […]

SFP: Episode 291: Lockdown

This episode contains: No St. Patricks’ day celebrations for us now that we’re in lock down. We discuss like in the time of COVID-19. We then discuss the death of […]

SFP: Episode 290: Anyone but Tom Hanks

This episode contains: We’re broadcasting from our quarantine bunkers. We of course talk about the coronavirus. Evolutionarily Speaking: To predict an epidemic, evolution can’t be ignored. Whether it’s coronavirus or […]