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Category: Science Faction Podcast

SFP: Episode 267: Technosignatures

This episode contains: Devon did not play Armada. Steven is looking forward to more X-wing releases. Steven talks about his D&D experiences. This Week in Space: Advanced Alien Civilizations May […]

SFP: Episode 265: Sci-Fi Adjacent

This episode contains: We ditch Skype and try Discord. Devon tells Steven about Heroes of Land, Air and Sea. Nature Watch: Chameleon inspires ‘smart skin’ that changes color in the […]

SFP: Episode 264: The Cow Matrix

This episode contains: Unplanned jokes are happening too regularly. Devon gives us his short review of Hobbs and Shaw, which was surprisingly sci-fi. Biological Imperative: The genome of a gene-edited […]

SFP: Episode 263: Dark Implications

This episode contains: We’re recording on Labor Day! We figure out what the day is for. Steven gets some new LEGO. Devon saw Ready or Not. We then talk  about […]

SFP: Episode 262: The Real Heroes

This episode contains: We start off talking about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, as well as Tarantino movies in general. Kill it with Fire!: Hurricanes drive the evolution of more […]

SFP: Episode 261: Hello There

This episode contains: Devon has had a bad week at work and feels like his fight or flight reflex has been left on. Steven is doing fine. His daughter just […]

SFP: Episode 260: Suspension of Rationality

This episode contains: We discuss Devon’s backyard movie night where they watched Wayne’s World. Not everyone was thrilled about it. Tiny Robot Overlords: You can’t squash this roach-inspired robot. “A […]

SFP: Episode 259: No Hope For Humanity

This episode contains: We discuss some Star Wars Armada news and some board game’s Devon has been playing. Steven then talks about X-Wing. We’re All Doomed!/This Week in Space: A […]

SFP: Episode 258: The SDCC Episode

This episode contains: Devon is going camping and Steven is sleep training his youngest kid. Also Steven is going to play a lot of D&D soon. We’re All Doomed: The […]

SFP: Episode 257: The Dutch Oven of Terra-forming

This episode contains: Steven and Devon have a chat about the impending raid on Area 51. Devon does the FaceApp thing and Steven is worried for his future. This […]

SFP: Episode 255: Convoluted Speech Patterns

This episode contains: Devon is catching up on Deadwood. We discuss the historical accuracy and speech. Steven got a PS4.  Under da Sea: Scientists map huge undersea fresh-water aquifer off […]

SFP: Episode 253: The Ruler of Mecatol Rex

This Episode Contains: We’re coming off an extreme weekend of gaming. We played Twilight Imperium for 13 hours. But first we talk about science. Doom! But Maybe Not: Light-powered nano-organisms […]

SFP: Episode 252: Actual Communism

This episode contains: Nothing has gone wrong in Devon’s new house so far. Devon highly recommends the miniseries Chernobyl. That and other banter before we get down to the science. […]