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Category: Science Faction Podcast

SFP: Episode 163: AI with a Stutter

This episode contains: Steven thinks Devon won’t watch the Emoji movie, but wait for the Wing-Dings movie instead. We chat about the terrible reviews of the Emoji movie and the terrible […]

SFP: Episode 162: Savage AF

This episode contains: Devon finally moved into his new place, and had to get rid of his couch in the process. He also broke his iPhone. We also talk about […]

SFP: Episode 160: 8(+/-) Years Later

This episode contains: Devon spent many hours at the DMV because he didn’t make a reservation. We answer romantic questions from a listener and contest winner. Turns out, two nerds […]

SFP: Episode 159: Nightmare Coachella

This episode contains: We record right after the 4th of July. Find out how we spent Independence Day. Pray: Praying Mantises eat a lot of different things, including birds and frogs! We […]

SFP: Episode 158: Free Willy is a LIE

This episode contains: Devon is buying a condo, and we chat about how difficult it is to sign your WHOLE NAME. So much mortgage talk, you should probably fast-forward through it. […]

SFP: Episode 155: Bees. Beads? No, BEES.

This episode contains: Steven won’t let go of the fact that Devon saw Alien: Covenant. Are super heroes sci-fi? Devon went camping. Devon loves swimming but sometimes has to do […]

SFP: Episode 151: Humuhumunukunukuapua`a

This episode contains: Devon had to hold down the ol’ science fort while Steven was livin’ it up in Hawaii. Devon may have made some mistakes but he didn’t really […]

SFP: Episode 149: Star Wars Explained

This episode contains: We’re recording this episode the day before 4/20… so we talk about that for some reason, even though we’re not potheads. Devon then asks if he can […]

SFP: Episode 148: Strong 3 out of 5

This episode contains: We had a crazy weekend! We start off with the story of going out in SLO, including the strange drinks we had a total hipster bar. We […]