PP: Episode 127

Robert De Niro says “Fuck Trump!” at the Tony Awards (4:00)  Inspector General’s report on the FBI investigation into Hillary’s emails/James Comey (6:25) Trump attacks Trudeau & Canada (14:55) North […]

NWW: Episode 74: Matt McCusker

Matt McCusker is an author, comedian and podcaster. You can find his new book “Overlook” on Amazon. You can find his podcast “Matt and Shane’s secret podcast” on iTunes. You […]

HAD: Episode 123: The Incredibles 2

After 14 years it has finally happened. The Incredibles 2. And Blake and Zeyne are here to tell you all about how great this movie is, how it does a long awaited sequel justice, […]

DLP: Episode 217: La Fajita Jugosa

In this episode, Paco confesses to a coveted location where she’d like to make love. Milky is excited about the World Cup, but disappointed that Paco and Pouch are not. Milky is […]

TS: Half a Slant 13: Stopping Traffic

Sal talks the demise of Roseanne, Starbucks closing to address racial bias, a North Korea update, and the jackass in the road. @slantshow @salcolacomedy Slant Radio on YouTube Music by […]

SFP: Episode 207: Perdition’s Flames

This episode contains: Devon talks about his weekend with sazarac and absinthe. We decide that mixing cocktails is like chemistry so it’s cool to talk about because chemistry is science. […]

CTT: Episode 034: Something with Balls

Welcome back everyone to Crazy Train of Thought brought to you by The Idiot Savants,the worst thing produced by planet Earth since anteaters. Seriously. Fuck anteaters. In this episode, the […]

MCC: Episode 63: w/Brent Pope

Brent Pope joins Host Elias on this week’s podcast. Brent is a Filipino-American actor, writer, and comedian and recently has appeared on HBO’s “Silicon Valley”, CBS’ “Living Biblically” and FX’s […]

PP: Episode 126

Secretariat & his ASTONISHING win at the ’73 Belmont Stakes by an INCREDIBLE 31 lengths/The cruelty of horse racing Idaho teacher feeds puppy to snapping turtle in front of Jr. […]

DLP: Episode 216: Do You Remember?

In this episode, Gad takes gas station dick pills. Lionheart brings a brand new wrestling-related game for the boys to play. Gad quietly judges as Milky and Lionheart talk about […]

FHP: Episode 192: Step Cat

As the fantasy football offseason drags on, things take quite the turn as we try to stay on topic. We talk 2nd year WRs but spend a lot of time […]