PP: Episode 278

Ultralight aircraft crashes near my house/Pilot dies Emails – Daily routine and diet/Video games/Biden vs. Trump scrutiny/Favorite sit coms (10:00) Man spends $15,000 on family vacation to Disney, then gets […]

OOO: Episode 298: Swen Tremmel

@jaspercolesays and co-host @ralphcolejr are excited to welcome Multi-Talented Actor & Emmy Winning Producer @swentemmel to discuss his impressive career journey. He currently co-stars on the MultipleEmmy Winning series @thebayseries […]

SFP: Episode 344: Mice Can’t Lie

This episode contains: We talk a bit about Easter, and Steven is a real poo in the shoe about the whole affair. Bears: An Unknown Disease Is Giving Bears Dog-Like […]

TGP: Episode 162: Alien Omen 2

This week, Ben and Sara gorge themselves on Alien Omen 2! Or rather, we purge ourselves of this awful game that was definitely real. PATREON: http://www.patreon.com/thegorge Discord: discord.gg/K8A6SG2 Big Gay […]

VS: Episode 352: Chris Mansfield

Today, we are joined by Christopher Mansfield of Fences.  You make recognize him from his very poetic lyrics, his face tattoos, or his unique music, but soon, you may recognize […]

PP: Episode 271

NYC Asian attack Derek Chauvin trial (13:50) The complete and total scumbag that is Woody Allen (33:55) Matt Gaetz under investigation for teenage sex trafficking (1:17:15) Fox “news” being sued […]

OOO: Episode 298: BEN VAZQUEZ

@jaspercolesays and co-host @ralphcolejr are thrilled to welcome the multi-talented Actor @benvazquez_ Join them to discuss his career journey as an Actor and a Miltary veteran, He currently recurrs on […]