MCC: Episode 26: w/ Actor Dominic Bogart

On this week’s episode, Actor Dominic Bogart visits The Man Cave Chronicles Podcast. Bogart was seen this past summer in his breakout role as Robbie, opposite Brie Larson in The […]

TS: Episode 130: Get Well Artie 2

Mike Bocchetti, Ibrahim Khalif, Antoni Giurato, & John Kurschner join the Slant Crew discuss the Harvey Weinstein controversy, race in America, and the day Sal and Mike traveled to Compound […]

GDC: Episode 161: Rocky Star

Steve is out sick, so Clint pulls from the bullpen and finds his friend Rocky, host of the Whonan Podcast and Chief of the Hush Your Face Network. We talk […]

LMU: Episode 64: It’s Not That Bad

This week, the boys answer voicemails and texts about which teams they’d want to party with (3:35-13:05), being wrong on the internet and great movies (13:05-19:25), the boobs or butts […]

FBL: Episode 94: Best Philly Ice Cream

We list the best ice cream in Philadelphia. If you like traditional ice cream or more experimental flavors, we got you. After digging deep into the Philly ice cream scene […]

HWP: Fractured Bu Whole

As I’m counting down the mins.  Till my Fractured But Whole DL’s on my ‘Puter.  I’d figure why not go off the cuff.  Discussing what makes South Park the greatest […]

TTB: Episode 37: Girthy Egg Rolls

The Two Bobs episode 37 for Monday, October 16, 2017: Baseball and some other random shit is happening. What are The Bobs drinking? Rob devoured a Right Brain Brewery Naughty […]

NWW: Episode 56: Juliette Miranda

Juliette Miranda is an author and podcaster. You can find her podcast “The Unwritable Rant” anywhere you can find podcasts. You can follow her on Twitter @MorningNeurosis and Instagram @theunwritablerant.

5DP: Week 6 Waiver Wire Show

Week 5 is finally in the books! We can now start to see which teams are good and will pull away. Johnny and K-Mill talk about the recent injuries, we […]