SFP: Episode 325: Three Cheers for Telomeres

This episode contains: We talk about our Thanksgiving traditions regarding gravy. Ben is ditching his iPhone for an Android, which some would consider heresy. …It’s Windy: Climate change causes landfalling […]

VS: Episode 334: Tony Franklin

Today, we are joined by a bass legend, a man who has played with the elites of music, and someone who just simply gets it, Tony Franklin. Tony, aka The […]

TCP: Episode 074: Memento Mori?!

This week we have Grant aka McWonderBeast from the Life of Laymen podcast, RIP, we catch up, talk about Unus Annus, and dip our toes into conspiracies, plus so much […]

PP: Episode 253

Co-Host Shawn Thorpe from blubrry.com & http://shawn.mx Shawn’s thoughts on Trump & the election CA Ponzi schemer tries to evade FBI with aqua scooter in Shasta Lake (7:10) AK Jerkwater […]


@jaspercolesays and @ralphcolejr are excited to welcome Award winning Actor/Singer and fellow Athens, Georgia native @bernini2001 (Calvin Orlando Smith) discussing his new project SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD and so […]

LCP: Episode 022: The Mandalorian S2E3

In this week’s episode, we dissect the third episode of the hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian. We also discuss censorship in the podcast medium and end it all off with […]