MCC: Interview: David Cade “Into The Ashes

David Cade joins host Elias on this week’s episode. David is taking over Hollywood as the next top actor, writer, producer soon to be gracing film screens everywhere in his latest project INTO […]

PP: Episode 182

The Blue Bell ice cream licking scumbags identified (3:00) Racism – “Callbox Chris” (9:50) Man kills teen because he was “threatened” by his rap music (22:10) First US baby born […]

MOW: Episode 278: Unbuilt WDW Mountains

On today’s episode, we discuss the unbuilt mountains on Walt Disney World. These are the mountains that were once in the plans, but for some reason or another never saw […]

TSP: Episode 037: Season 2 Finale

Join The Save Point Podcast discussion by clicking HERE  TSP Discord Jesus and Dan close out Season 2 by chatting about what they have been playing and what they are looking […]

PP: Episode 181

The Fourth of July & how ignorant Americans are (3:45) “Manly” Force Factor pills & commercials (20:20) Nike, Betsy Ross & Colin Kaepernick (30:10) Judge James Troiano (NJ) says teen […]