TS: Episode 151: White Russians

Comic Travis Grant joins us to discuss the wild early days of youth mischief, the Andre the Giant documentary, and UFC. @slantshow of FB, twitter, & IG Available on iTunes, Spotify, […]

GDC: Episode 184: He-Man’s Injustice

Clint and Steve catch up on their weeks, Ready Player One, Sea Of Thieves, EA admits wrong, we can finally kill Ewoks, original Xbox games coming to backward compatibility, Game […]

HBP: Episode 119: Chris Santos

Chris is an American actor, from New York but lived the last 10 years in LA. Having landed a lead role in the Steven Soderbergh movie The Girlfriend Experience, after intiially being […]

FHP: Episode 189: Offseason Blues

We are deep into the offseason. Minds are getting weak. People are hallucinating…others are using Tinder. It’s a wild world. We try to get to some football… We have a […]

MCC: Episode 055: w/ Colin Mochrie

Fans remember Colin from WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? as the hilarious, outgoing, energetic, and accessible whose character everyone adores. His passion for laughs is easily complimented by his art […]

PP: Episode 118

Tool in the studio! Laura Ingraham returns to bitch after apologizing/Sean Hannity, his hypocrisy & Jimmy Kimmel/fox “news” (4:45) Trump – Paul Ryan/Michael Cohen/Syria/James Comey (50:30) Interview with Brian Fanning […]

GDC: Episode 183: Mario The Villain

Clint sits down and catches up with is bro Jose. We talk everything from comedy to why people get political on Facebook, watching & lurking on Social Media, moving to […]