GDC: Episode 270: So Bad

2020 brings the guys back together! The guys catch up from the holidays, Skip sees Evil Dead: The Musical, Sam Raimi teases new Evil Dead, Duck Hunt playable on Christmas […]

SFP: Episode 282: Gotta Nuke Something

This Episode Contains: Devon plays his guitar on the show. We talk about Devon’s trip to Oregon and Steven playing too much Rock Band. Biological Imperative: Pathways that extend lifespan […]

PP: Episode 208

Australian wildfires/Half a BILLION animals killed “Affluenza” asshole arrested again (7:45) Ft. Worth Chicken Express employee told to remove her hijab or leave/Religious “freedom” (14:00) Psychic arrested for scamming woman […]

VS: Episode 272: Aaron Fitzgerald

2020 is kicking ass.  We are joined by Redbull helicopter pilot, Aaron Fitzgerald.  Aaron was beyond fascinating.  Aaron not only flies his aircraft upside down in helicopter competitions, but films […]

DLP: Episode 278: Urethra Franklin

In this episode, Lionheart reminsces about his days as a young punk as the boys look over their old myspace profiles. Milky doesn’t like people to slander Johnny Knoxville. Pouch here. Apologies, […]

HBP: Archives: Jonjo O’Neill & Matt Ryan

To celebrate five years of Hellblazerbiz, I am re-releasing some of my original interviews. This one still holds a dear place in my heart. I had been overjoyed to have Jonjo O’Neill, established […]

SFP: Episode 281: Dr. Seuss Adjacent

This episode contains: Devon is gone again so Ben Lawless is back on the show. Steven is back on the Rock Band bandwagon. Of Mice and Men: Forgetfulness might depend […]

PP: Episode 207

Co-Host – Andrew from Youngstown New year’s “resolutions” MI Judge denied communion for being gay/Supporting gay marriage (13:20) Trump – Eddie Gallagher/Impeachment, Collins & Murkowski/Ukranian aid/Air strikes/US Embassy attacked in […]