PP: Episode 261

More Capitol arrests/National Guardsmen removed/Capitol on lockdown (4:50) Fox “news” incitement since Nov. 3rd (18:15) McConnell condemn Trump on the Senate floor (25:30) TX Trump cultist/domestic terrorist threatens to shoot […]

MOW: Episode 357: WandaVision

For this show, we discuss the latest series released on Disney+, WandaVision, which marks the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4. Also, we discuss the cancellation of Disneyland’s […]

OOO: Episode 287: Donnell Turner

This is a BEST OF EPISODE from 2016 with Actor @donnellturner from @generalhospitalabc. He tells us all about his career and how it led him to worldwide fame and a […]

LCP: Episode 026: Rogue One

We continue George’s journey into the Star Wars Universe with Rogue One. We discuss what we think makes it awesome as well as answer questions George presents after watching the […]

SFP: Episode 333: Pick a Lane

This episode contains: This week we kick off the episode with some computer problems. Ben’s PC failed him, and Steven attempts to diagnose it. World Beat: How Earth’s oddest mammal […]

VS: Episode 341: Tami Lane

I hope you love this episode as much as we do.  We are joined by Tami Lane, a renowned prosthetic makeup artist, an Oscar winner, and an all around great […]

PP: Episode 260

Attack on the Capitol – Lapse in Capitol security/Officers suspended and or arrested/The cult’s ultimate terroristic plans/Qanon Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene says she’ll file Articles of Impeachment against Biden on […]

OOO: Episode 286: Jamal Simmons

This is a BEST OF EPISODE from 5 years ago starring Political Commentator @JamalSimmons from @CBSTHISMORNING talking all things Politics. It’s fascinating to listen back and see what has transpired […]