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11107727_380438052160454_1175634727124685126_nGeek Dig

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Clint Thiele (a.k.a., Jedi) started his journey along the sunny beaches of South Florida, though legend traces as far as the back seat of a 1976 Ford Gran Torino. He moved to Chicago at a ripe old age of three, with dreams of global domination. He wanted to acquire his army over the airwaves as a radio personality, but grew corrupted by the pen & turned to writing – until his Geekdom set him down a different, darker path. Introduced to podcasting by his friend Jackson, Clint became part of the Geeks On The Mic podcast. The show was a fireball – fast and furious – and then burned out unexpectedly. It wasn’t long before the podcasting bug bit again, giving birth to the GeekDig Podcast. Clint is a computer technician by trade, self-proclaimed Master of the Jedi Arts, and Tetris Guru. He also writes and hopes to create his own indie video game. Further Geekdom includes movies (especially sci-fi & horror), comics/graphic novels, and burritos. You can follow Clint on Twitter at @vengefuljedi

Dropping Loads

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Dropping Loads is an award-winning podcast and collection of videos among friends who are willing to cross YOUR line of comfort!
Originally as a podcast among four, Dropping Loads is a growing production between a group of friends who are willing to talk about anything and everything, so beware… But for all you guys and gals out there with a good sense of humor, enjoy!

Magic Our Way

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We are a New Orleans based Disney fan podcast. We are Artistic Buffs Talkin’ Disney Stuff. We are four guys that talk about all things Disney from the theme parks to the movies and much, much more. At times, we go beyond the world of Disney and explore other entities. Our superfans are called MOWicans and they bring a lot to our show. We have been pigeon-holed as an “adult-oriented Disney-fan podcast.” We allow all opinions to be voiced on the Magic Our Way podcast and we always look at both sides of a topic. Give the “Pleasure Island of Disney-fan podcasts” a listen and tell your friends!

5th-down-ff-artwork5th Down Fantasy Football

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The 5th Down FF is comprised of a dynamic duo by the names of Johnny Slokes and K-Mill! They are always coming with the heat and spilling their fantasy football knowledge all over your dome piece one episode at a time! Looking to optimize and enhance your winning strategy for fantasy football through statistical driven analyst? Then come on in to The 5th Down FF Podcast and get your #ExtraDownAdvantage to win championships year in and year out!


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Dead-icated to My Favorite Season Halloween. As well as anything Horror related.



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Have you ever dreamed of asking your favourite TV & Film stars questions and get them answered along with them saying hello? Well, no need to look any further. Hellblazerbiz is here to do just that! So sit back, tune in and enjoy candid, exclusive interviews as you’ve never heard them before!


The Slant (New Website Coming Soon)

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We riff on the everyday. From current events to what’s up in our lives, we’re laughing at it and hope you are too…”

Hosted and Produced by NYC comedian Sal Coladonato along with main stay comedians Rob & Greg Cardazone and Patrick Haggerty. Show and on Mic support by Lisa Coladonato and Irena Werner. Email:

Live from the Middle Urinal

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Hosted by childhood friends Matt, Dom, and Phil, Live from the Middle Urinal is a podcast by the average guy, for the average guy (and girl). They answer listener voicemail and text questions (209-874-6251) that drive the topics, covering everything from sports to pop culture to sex to politics and everything in between – no punches are pulled. Twice a week, they spew the hottest and most garbage takes that everyone can relate to. It’s toilet talk, so don’t forget to flush.

A History of Guy Stuff

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A History of Guy Stuff is a comedy podcast where three friends research interesting topics and the history behind them and then try to discuss them without going off on too many tangents.  You’ll definitely laugh and you might even learn something.
Joe is a Navy veteran who spends his little spare time playing Overwatch.  Poorly.  He also clings to the hope that one day he will get back to the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym and finally get a belt promotion.
Lou is a stand up comedian and former corrections officer.  When he’s not busy making fun of other people or watching Rick and Morty, he enjoys playing Rocket League and Halo.
Tim is a former martial artist with black belts in Tang Soo Do and Chun Kuk Do (also known as the Chuck Norris style).  In his spare time he enjoys comic books, movies, comic book movies and complaining about comic book movies.  He also plays Rocket League and Halo.

The Man Cave Chronicles Podcast

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My name is Elias Giannakopoulos I have always loved podcasts and comedy and I decided to start a podcast a few months ago with various guests.  Stand up comedians, sports, ufc/bellator/mma fighters, web series creators, actors, entrepreneurs and more.

Dinner and a Podcast

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Dinner and A Podcast consists of three long time friends that that get together once a week to share a meal and a conversation about movies, TV, comics and just about any pop culture topic you can think of.   The format of our show is very consistent.  We always start off with the news.  Our news usually consists 30% nerd stuff, 30% pop culture, 30% silly/crazy news stories.  Then our favorite segment, “How are you wasting time”?  This is were the boys discuss how they wasted time during the week since the last show.  These stories, many times, include small movies and TV reviews but are mostly funny stories about our everyday lives.  We always have a main topic that we dive into every show and it can be any topic under the sun.  Music, food, comics, action movies, cars, bands, Vacations, you name it we discuss it!!  We end of show with a segment called comic book corner where we review some comics that we are currently reading and social sh#T time where we read tweets and comments left for us by our fan on our social media outlets.

All while sitting in a diner!!

One On One With Jasper Cole

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ONE ON ONE WITH JASPER COLE is an Uber popular bi-monthly podcast hosted by veteran character actor JASPER COLE, who after debating, discussing or decompressing Hot Topics with the show’s Producer, DOMINIC FRIESEN, sits down with today’s biggest newsmakers. Unfiltered. Unrestricted. Unleashed.

Marks for Xcellence Podcast

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We’re a podcast on pro wrestling, pop culture and everything in between.  Every month Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps bring you their own unique brand of podcasting gold.  It’s not just sweaty men in their pants rolling around that we talk about.  There’s also movies, TV shows, sports, world events and anything else we feel we can spout our ill-informed opinions on.  Being this great isn’t easy, we just make it sound that way.  So come and join two lads from the UK on their journey to fame, fortune and frolics…or more likely just a couple of hours of banter, tangents and all round fun times.  MFX is the pro wrestling podcast that’s so good, you don’t even need to like pro wrestling to enjoy it.  They say we’re supposed to be on a journey together, but to be honest we’re just in this for the chicks and the cash.

The Rob Saul Show

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The Rob Saul Show is a comedy podcast with comedian Mike Krewina and voice over extraordinare Doug Nelson that dives into current events with their unique style of broadcasting and humor.You can also catch interviews with your favorite celebrities, comedians and renowned musicians. Tune in live every Monday night at 7pm ET and Friday morning at 11 am ET to be a part of the show by calling in at 844-457-SAUL



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