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Category: Silver

VS: Episode 370: Dee Snider

We are beyond excited to release today’s episode. Metal legend, radio star, movie maker, Spongebob character…and now we find out if he can take it from our hosts. The amazingly […]

VS: Episode 368: SZNS

After a week off, we are back with 4 great guests at once.  We are joined by SZNS, the LA based pop quartet.  Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn join us […]

VS: Episode 367: Porter McKnight 2.0

We are back with one of our favorite returning guests,  Porter McKnight of the massively successful heavy rock, metal band, Atreyu.  Porter is a really genuine and unique guy who […]

VS: Episode 366: Charlie Huhn, Foghat

This show continues to provide amazing experiences to talk to some of the most unique people. Today, we are joined by Charlie Huhn, current frontman and guitarist or the long […]

VS: Episode 364: Ryan Key

The great guests continue to come. Today, we are joined by Ryan Key, former lead singer and frontman of the massively successful band, Yellowcard. Ryan has done it all in […]

TCP: Episode 088: What did you say?!

Join Liz and Jesus this week, as they talk about the upcoming Disney live-action movies, longest case of the viruses, and so much more. Find me: Leave us a […]