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Category: Silver

VS: Episode 254: Jenn Vix

We are back with Jenn Vix.  Jen is an American solo electronic-rock recording artist, songwriter, producer, and recording engineer.  We discussed Jen’s recording process, her music, surviving abuse, and working with […]

VS: Episode 253: Ecce Schnak

We are back!  Today we are joined by David Roush of a band called Ecce Schnak. Ecce Shnak (pronounced Eh-kay sh-knock) is a 7-piece art-rock band. They are based in NYC.  We discuss the […]

VS: Episode 251: Terence McGovern

  Back again, with another week of unique audio.  Today, we are joined by Terence McGovern.  Terry is is an American actor, voice actor, television broadcaster, radio personality and acting […]

VS: Episode 250: Garrett McNamara

Unbelievable. 250 episodes.  And today was a really fun one.  We are joined one of the most interesting guests we’ve had on.  Garrett McNamara is an American professional big wave […]

VS: Episode 248: Dungeon Master Timm Woods

This one is for the true nerds!  Today, we are joined by professional dungeon master, Timm Woods.  Timm is an educator and storyteller who specializes in game-based education. Timm describes […]

VS: Episode 245: Don Hartsell

Today, we are joined by Don Hartsell, the first Commissioner for the World Air League. WAL is organizing the World Sky Race, the historic first race of airships to circle the planet. […]

VS: Episode 244: 8MM and Jeff Whalen

We are back with a great batch of new guests. Grammy-nominated producer/mixer and multi-instrumentalist Sean Beavan and his wife/vocalist Juliette Beavan, make up the musical duo of 8MM.  Sean has worked with the likes […]