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Category: Silver

PP: Episode 158

Co-Host – Career military vet & Comedian Bianna Yeager Iowa abortion “Heartbeat Law” ruled unconstitutional (4:30) Racism – Two OU students leave school over blackface video/FL AG resigns over blackface video […]

VS: Episode 231: Sycho Sid

We are back with another amazing guest.  This week, Sid Eudy, aka Sycho Sid, aka Sid Vicious, aka Sid Justice, joins us on the podcast. Sid has been an iconic […]

PP: Episode 157

Co-Host Steve Domingues/ Owner of The BS Podcast Network You Tube “challenge” videos banned (12:30) NC man charged with assault of a minor at mall confrontation (20:45) PG&E files […]

VS: Episode 230: Jon Fratelli

Back again, and today we are joined by the frontman of the hit band, The Fratellis, Jon Fratelli.  Jon joins us for a great conversation about his writing process, his solo […]

PP: Episode 156

Comatose woman raped in “health care” facility Jayme Closs found alive after 88 days kidnapped (7:00) Racism – Living in your building while black…Again (14:30) The idiot that is Steve […]

VS: Episode 229: The Cat’s Meow

We are back with our first episode of the new year. We are on to year five of this here podcast. We continue to usher in new, unique guests, and […]

PP: Episode 155

Singing brain surgery Big Pharma raises prescription drug prices 6% (9:45) Texas 14 year old charged with murder after egg “prank” turns deadly (16:05) Zoo incidents – Lion kills intern/Girl […]

PP: Episode 154

Japan to reinstitute commercial whaling Kevin Spacey’s bizarre video (10:38) Racism – New crime…Sitting in the hotel lobby you’re staying at while black/Macy’s bigot goes on an Arab/Democrat rant (24:45) […]

PP: Episode 153

WV transgender student bullied in bathroom by Asst. Principal/Trans student left out of emergency shelter during school drill Racism – New crime…Cashing your paycheck while black (13:50) CEO of Google […]

PP: Episode 152

The Blues Brothers Catholic Priest ruins funeral of teen who committed suicide (4:35) Baylor rapist Jacob Walter Anderson gets no jail time (15:30) Russian spy Maria Butina flips (20:35) Vampira […]

VS: Episode 226: Chris Barron

Please allow these Two Princes  of podcasting to present you with another fantastic episode.  Today, we are joined by singer and songwriter,  Chris Barron.  You may know Chris from his wildly successful band, the […]

PP: Episode 151

The Twilight Zone/Hitler Charlottesville Nazi convicted of 1st degree murder (10:40) Another “good guy with a gun” killed by police (19:35) Bully parent punishes bully daughter (26:50) GOP lame duck […]

VS: Episode 225: Joe Jacoby

Yay! Today, we are joined by 3 time SuperBowl Champion, Joe Jacoby!  Joe is a former offensive lineman for the Washington Redskins, who is widely considered the best Redskin not […]