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OOO: Episode 270: RALPH COLE, JR

A BEST OF EPISODE: @jaspercolesays sits down with actor, friend, and his radio co-host @ralphcolejr for a memorable conversation. Join them as they discuss his exciting career, a devastating loss, […]

MOW: Episode 339: Captain Marvel Lawsuit

Eli delivers some interesting comic book history as he presents the Captain Marvel Lawsuit. We discuss how the title of “Captain Marvel” ended up with Brie Larson. It is a […]


@jaspercolesays and @ralphcolejr are excited to talk with rising star, Actor @JAMESPLA (James Preston) from the hit nominated Series THE BAY, THE GATES & YOUTHFUL DAZE.  

LCP: Episode 14: It’s Always Sunny

In this week’s episode, George talks about his experience after going to Burger 51. The guys also discuss the new controversial film “Cuties” that just recently premiered on Netflix. George […]

DLP: Episode 296: Gang Gang

In this episode, Benjamin Ashford Sandal makes his triumphant return to complain about all things DC. Milky is amazed by Brian Michael Bendis’ transformation. Pouch here. It seems Gad was […]


THIS IS A BEST OF EPISODE: @jaspercolesays sits down with veteran character actress and producer, @jenelisecox to discuss the 50th anniversary of “The Brady Bunch” which made its big television […]