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Category: Gold

DLP: Episode 275: Are You Still Metal?

In this episode, after an extended hiatus, Metal Ness returns to explain how he faced down adversity and managed to kick its ass. Pouch dares to question his metalness. Milky believes […]

OOO: Episode 240: Craig Muckler

Join @jaspercolesays and his special guest Veteran Actor/Producer and host Craig Muckler @CraigM54 as they discuss Craig’s cult classics MICROWAVE MASSACRE and MALIBU HIGH as well as his live show […]

GDC: Episode 267: Nature’s Lube

Full house tonight! Clint, Skip & Steve are joined by fellow streamer M1cromanag3r! After catching up on the week and telling cautionary tales of nature’s lube (hot sauce), Thanksgiving, Knives […]

LMU: Episode 153: Tanny Hill

This week, the boys talk about the Devils firing their coach and Rutgers hiring Greg Schiano (0:00). Then, they recap Week 13 of the NFL, including Kirk Cousins is 0-8 […]

DLP: Episode 274: Grateful Pouch

In this episode, Pouch babbles incoherently about his experience as a Best Man at a wedding. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Pouch expresses his gratitude. Pouch here. In my last […]

LMU: Episode 152: #FireHobbs

This week, the boys talk about how Rutgers is seemingly refusing to hire Greg Schiano as its head football coach and #FireHobbs (0:00). Then, they recap Week 12 of the […]

DLP: Episode 273: We’re Gonna Get Edgy

In this episode, Pouch and Milky have an intense, spoiler-filled discussion about Joker. SPJ believes Valentine’s Day in 2020 will mark the end of love. Pouch here. This episode feels like […]

MOW: Episode 297: Disney+ Launches!

Disney+ has finally launched! “The best stories in the world, all in one place,” according to the Walt Disney Company. On November 12, 2019, Disney got into the video streaming […]