Episode 056: Patronizing Manson

Recorded November 17th, 2014 This episode contains: Drunking Intro, how homo-erotic we are, taxi cab confessions, fisting, sharting, dildo excursions, clip show or best of?, the GeekDig appearance, bleep drinking […]

Episode 055: The First 22

Recorded … um … various. This episode contains: the original intro, drunk golf story, prison tattoo story, frog bulimia with Mrs. Lawless, would you rather with Mr. Lawless, super powers […]

Episode 054: Vegas Baby, Vegas

Recorded November 3rd, 2014 This episode contains: high energy, Studio 54, the club scene, MGM Halloween, $40 Long Island, how to drink in Vegas, gambling, how to be a WoW […]

Episode 053: Dia de los Muertos

Recorded November 2nd, 2014 This episode contains: mid-life crisis, 37, Happy Birthday Edna, PG-13, affluent coasts, Moby Dick, Edna cameo, Interview with Axia and Nicolette of Go Betty Go, couch […]

Episode 052: Haunted FUPA Room

This episode contains: Special Co-Host Sloane Steel, Primal talk, backside of the business, turgidity, the comment section, taking off shirts, talking sexy, retarded hard cycle, rotten moonshine cherries, swallowing, TIFU, […]

Episode 051: Mickey’s Fun Wheel

Recorded October 20th, 2014 This episode contains: the fifty-first state, Washington DC utilities, whiskey slurs, baby shower bbq, sunburns, outside drinking, bbq chat, prime rib, stir fry, choosing baby names, […]

Episode 050: Nipple and Toe

Recorded October 13th, 2014 This episode contains: nifty fifty, 11/05/55, marathon talk, our inspirations, the running process, rave at the starting line, perfect pacers, exploding toes, water mistakes, following ass, […]

Episode 049: Split Lips

Recorded October 6th, 2014 This episode contains: Super Special Reddit Famous Guest Sloane Steel, Florida people, Olive Garden pervert, glory-hole picture from Bang Bros. set, going viral, YouTube comments are […]

Episode 048: Brütal Sports

Recorded September 29th, 2014 This episode contains: Jimmy Johnson sausage, NASCAR, Dale Earnhardt, martyr, racing and religion, science of sports, game give away with dice rolls, congrats @johnztoyota!, Star Wars […]

Episode 047: First World Problems

Recorded September 22nd, 2014 This episode contains: episode counting, audio quiz, digital comic book give away, #whatsinstevensmouth, new Lootcrate loot, Tribble, mystery mini, Alien action figure, Firefly replica money, Star […]