Episode 046: Digital Flyers

This episode contains: Saturday morning re-record, interview with writer directed producer Jack Thomas Smith, inspiration for Infliction, child abuse and society, empowerment of victims over abusers, writing process, assembled footage, […]

Episode 045: Half Blitzed

Recorded September 8th, 2014 This episode contains: cracking the first drink at noon, addictions, Escape board-game recap, Dorst’s epic journey, pimp jogging, banked turns, school track running, plantar fasciitis, paying […]

Episode 044: Your Mom’s Basement

Recorded on September 7th, 2014 This episode contains: Origins of Labor Day, end of summer, the equinox, fake grass, sad sod, running times, running motivation, podcast advice, Interview with Aixa […]

Episode 043: Twitter Explosions

Recorded August 25th, 2014 This episode contains: what we were doing wrong, PBR, Sailor Jerry’s, reaching out on Twitter, shout outs, half marathon training stories, Ouzo magic dog wind, Jax […]

Episode 042: Ranting and Trolling

Recorded August 18th, 2014 This episode contains: Jackie Robinson, GM, Dorst rant, ALS ice bucket challenge, Pete Frates, kennel cough, hipster douchbag cool guys, California drought, the water cycle, El […]

Episode 041: Peanut Butter and Jam

Recorded August 11th, 2014 This episode contains: football talk, running times, everywhere is uphill, quitting smoking, Robin Williams RIP,  beaner friends, preggo bellies, between 4 and 10, Good Will Hunting, […]

Episode 040: Freemium Einstein Conspiracies

Recorded on August 4th, 2014 This episode contains: grey hairs, indulging in hobbies, LEGO store, secret Slave I collectors edition, starship speeds, cursing, Kim Kardashian video game, freemium “games,” PBS […]

Episode 039: Clickers

Recorded July 21st, 2014 This episode contains: Football season, fantasy league in the office, Fenway Park, tracing lineages, DOTA championship, ESPN 3 and Twitch, clicks per second, grating cheese, super […]

Episode 038: 1138 Part 1

Recorded July 20th, 2014 This episode contains: Super Star Wars special, with guest Devon Craft of the Science Faction Podcast! We talk about Star Wars Episode VII rumors, where we […]

Episode 037: Fatherhood

Recorded on July 14th, 2014 This episode contains: cancer coughs, Edna in Vegas, delayed joke, child counting, ta-da!, 400 vibrators, anti-vaccine bullsh!t, fake cans, natural blondes, Emma Stone, movie review […]