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Category: HunnicWeen

HWP: Episode 3: Texas Chainsaw

HunnicWeen Blast From The Past 2015 With me losing power due to Hurricane Irma. Then finally getting it back, I’ll be an little behind. We also lost Tobe Hooper. So…it’s […]

HWP: Episode 2: Happy Happy Joy Joy

Oh, Joy, I got to interview. Two guys who were working on an Kickstarter campaign. Discussing the 90’s cult classic. Ren and Stimpy. Unfortunately, Kickstarter went Kaput, however On September […]

HWP: Episode 1: Suicide Mouse

HunnicWeen Series Premiere No One has educated me on death, better than Disney. Both and, pulled…this legendary….Disney Short Film? Look…In the 30’s The Entertainment Dept was an different […]

HWP: Episode -1: The Killing Joke

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Here I give you. The Average D.C.A.U. adaption of Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke. Step right up, don’t be shy. But be prepared for an thirty minute. […]