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Category: One On One With Jasper Cole

OOO: Episode 303: Rolonda Watts

Hollywood’s Go-To Bad Guy, JASPER COLE sits down with author and broadcast veteran, ROLONDA WATTS for an unforgettable conversation about her celebrated career.

OOO: Episode 302: Harley Wallen

A BEST OF EPISODE: @jaspercolesays is joined by Swedish born former athlete turned actor & filmmaker @HarleyTheSwede who’s new film ETERNAL CODE was just released. It’s a full hour on […]

OOO: Episode 301: Todd Bridges

THIS IS A BEST OF EPISODE @jaspercolesays sits down with TV icon @ToddBridges to discuss IT ALL. Career highlights and all the great inspiring work he does today to help […]

OOO: Episode 300: Steven Brittingham

@jaspercolesays and @ralphcolejr are excited to sit down and welcome fellow Podcast Host/Actor/Writer Steven Brittingham to the show. It will be great to discuss his Showbiz journey and catch up […]

OOO: Episode 299: Justin Loe

@jaspercolesays is kicking off his first show centered around TRUE CRIME genre with Special Guest, Forensic Geneology Expert, Justin Loe who owns the company @fullgenomescorporationinc. Join them as they discuss […]

OOO: Episode 298: Swen Tremmel

@jaspercolesays and co-host @ralphcolejr are excited to welcome Multi-Talented Actor & Emmy Winning Producer @swentemmel to discuss his impressive career journey. He currently co-stars on the MultipleEmmy Winning series @thebayseries […]

OOO: Episode 298: BEN VAZQUEZ

@jaspercolesays and co-host @ralphcolejr are thrilled to welcome the multi-talented Actor @benvazquez_ Join them to discuss his career journey as an Actor and a Miltary veteran, He currently recurrs on […]

OOO: Episode 297: LANCE PAUL

@jaspercolesays and co-host @ralphcolejr are thrilled to have the multi-talented Actor/Producer @imlancepaul join them to discuss his career journey as both an Actor, award winning Producer and owner of GINGERKNIGHT […]