RSP: Episode 017: The Wizard of Oz

In this episode: The Wizard of Oz. This week its all ruby slippers and yellow brick roads.  Before we dig into the movie Ben and Sloane talk about their love for […]

PBS: Episode 094: Coming to America

This episode contains: We are joined by Dropping Loads, low key DLP, human hype machine, Milky and Pouch don’t do shows alone, 100th episode, live show prep, land lines, roosters […]

GDC: EPISODE 46: Anniversary Sex Avocado

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Nathan lets the world know he can’t sing, Ben’s hilarious Twitter descriptions, Clint brain farts during the Anniversary thank yous (sorry to anyone we missed), guest announcement, Naked Podcast […]

SFP: Episode 063: Alien Crabs

  This episode contains: Steven’s back!, Las Vegas, Craps, Black Jack, Roulette, house money effect (Devon incorrectly calls this a fallacy), adult Cirque du Soleil, Star Trek Experience, M&M store, […]

RSP: Episode 016: Twilight

In this episode: Twilight It’s time to flip the script once again, as Sloane attempts to once again sabotage the show by making her co-host watch an awful movie. Listen […]

PBS: Episode 093: Mom’s First Tit

This episode contains: Steven is back, syndication, Top Gear, streaming, vacations, Lost Wages, Steven gets Vegas, classic Vegas, room service, suites, Vegas highways, bad froyo, Dorst can’t say opaire, Steven […]

DLP: Episode 99: Compelling

In this episode, Ness returns and has a craving for coke. Milky shares his experiences in New York and New Jersey, while Pouch loses his voice. Ness loves the new […]

GDC: EPISODE 45: Sans Pants

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Clint’s sick again, special thanks, Clint cheats on Nathan with Henno on Gotham Lights, vacuum-sealing Catwoman (how does she fart in that thing), Clint is on Green Up, we got our […]

SFP: Episode 062: Technological Breakthroughs

This episode contains: Temporary new host, guest host, Reel Stupid Podcast, Twilight, target demo, creepiness of Twilight, Miles from Tomorrowland, sci-fi kids show, Star Wars for kids, Red Letter Media […]

RSP: Episode 015: Home Alone

In this episode: Home Alone It’s Christmas in August!  This week we watched the Christmas classic, Home Alone.  Per usual Sloane has the ability to find the creepy in even the […]

PBS: Episode 092: Pretentious Cocktails

Note: Devon wanted to call this episode “Pretentious Cocktail Compendium for Imbibing on the Occasion of One’s 21st Anniversary of Birth” but he doesn’t get final say on that shit. -Steven […]

DLP: Episode 98: Shit in One

In this episode, SPJ returns to review Dorian Gray and pitch a new murder/mystery golf film entitled Sh!t in One. Pouch is reeling from the solo podcast from last week, […]

GDC: EPISODE 44: Boo-Boos On My Pee-Pee

EPISODE DESCRIPTION:   Lying about the episode number, the dick handcuff & women prone to its necessity,  Nathan lives in the ghetto, our Skype video is on the first time, Nathan’s into the […]

SFP: Episode 061: Books and the Blind

Recorded July 22, 2015. This episode contains: closing the chapter, poorly administered test, confirmation bias, Jurassic Park, the Girl with all the Gifts by Mike Carey (SPOILERS), Seveneves by Neal […]

RSP: Episode 014: Days of Thunder

In this episode: Days of Thunder! Two episodes in a row, it’s almost a record.  This week we dissect the splendor of this Tom Cruise classic.  We discuss the subtleties of NASCAR, […]

PBS: Episode 091: The Fight

This episode contains: Dropping Loads not doing shows, expensive Legos, Millenium Falcon, Martine’s graduation, “Too much money”, clown pictures, Fresno house, special guest, box from Amazon, Steven doesn’t know when […]