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Category: Bronze

PP: Episode 244

DCFS employees arrested in AJ Freund case Houston police shoot mentally ill man 21 times (10:30) Breonna Taylor settlement (14:45) Should America segregate?/19 Black families buy 97 acres in Georgia […]

PP: Episode 243

The Oscars set new inclusion standards for 2024 OH Judge known for “creative” sentences for animal abusers (6:00) Democrats introduce federal marijuana bill (10:10) QAnon speaker says Dems should be […]

PP: Episode 242

Movies & TV – What We Do in the Shadows/Yellowstone/Fargo/The Mandalorian/Helter Skelter: An American Myth Is there a serial killer at Ft. Hood? (11:45) A live one at a MI […]

PP: Episode 241

Kenosha, WI – Jacob Blake shooting/Kyle Rittenhouse/Tucker Carlson defends armed vigilante justice Coronavirus – Deaths and cases dropping/Plasma therapy (22:05) Trump – Maryanne Barry Trump’s comments about “The Donald”/Kellyanne Conway […]

PP: Episode 240

CA’s 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overturns high capacity mag ban Coronavirus – Anderson Cooper & the moronic “My Pillow Guy” (6:45) VA Mayor says Biden picked “Aunt Jemimah” as […]

PP: Episode 239

My neighbor’s despair Jerry Falwell Jr. on indefinite leave from Liberty University (11:00) Coronavirus – Schools/Georgia student suspended over photo/College football/Inside Wuan lab/Russia claims to have Covid vaccine/Trump’s virus failure […]

PP: Episode 238

The Illinois “White Trash Bash” CA Nazi couple arrested for hate crime (6:55) Drunken Trump supporter slaps waitress and gets pummeled by customers (11:35) Coronavirus – SD Sturgis motorcycle rally […]

PP: Episode 237

ME woman killed by great white shark Portland protests/Minneapolis “Umbrella man” is a white supremacist (9:50) The utter stupidity of GOP Congressmen – Will Dismukes/Tom Cotton/Louie Gohmert (18:30) Coronavirus – […]

PP: Episode 236

My good deed for the day AJ Freund’s mother sentenced to 35 years (8:25) NJ Judge’s family shot by anti-feminist/Trump campaign volunteer (14:05) Fox “news” – Ed Henry accused of […]