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Category: Bronze

PP: Episode 219

Guest co-host Shawn Thorpe from PG&E pleads guilty to 84 counts of manslaughter & gets a four million dollar fine (3:20) Coronavirus – Social isolation/Economic fallout (11:00) TX Lt. […]

PP: Episode 218

CT lawsuit aims to overturn ten round magazine ban (8:00) Right wing nutjobs propose the state of “Greater Idaho” (13:40) Biden vs. Bernie/“Dirty Bernie” becomes a reality when Sanders drops […]

PP: Episode 217

Gang of Brooklyn teenage boys beat teenage girl unconscious (5:15) Podcast reviewer Andy Newsham reviews the show/Damaged Goods (11:20) Alex Jones arrested for DUI/“Alex” calls in (28:25) Scumbag Woody […]

PP: Episode 216

Marine Commandant bans all Confederate paraphernalia from Marine bases worldwide/You Tuber James Morehouse (4:20) OK College Recruiter lines up students by complexion and “nappy” hair (15:30) CA man who harassed […]

PP: Episode 215

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Flat Earther “Mad” Mike Hughes dies in homemade rocket crash (4:45) CA man arrested for blinding CHP pilot with laser (8:35) Amazon Go & employee […]

PP: Episode 214

Airline reclining controversy (4:05) GA Five year old saves his entire family from house fire (12:25) Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy from molestation lawsuit fallout (16:50) SC 5 […]

PP: Episode 213

The Mob/John Gotti OH school bus crash/Seat belts on school busses (5:05) Father of sophomore at Sarah Lawrence College moves into his daughter’s dorm room & engages in physical & […]

PP: Episode 212

The Creeper Bill Racism – MI man yells, “Why didn’t you stay in Mexico?” After parent describes his child’s experience with school racism (12:35) Another Damaged Goods “comeback” (19:40) Iowa […]

PP: Episode 211

The “Corona Beer virus” AZ Woman sues to use fertilized embryos from ex husband (7:10) TN anti-gay adoption bill (13:45) Listener emails/Messages – Recreational marijuana/Religion & abortion/Mental illness/Aliens farming humans […]

PP: Episode 210

CA man kills three teens with his car because of ding dong ditch  (4:30) GA Death row inmate requests death by firing squad (10:30) Virginia gun debate – Councilman wears […]

PP: Episode 209

  Co-Host – Devon Craft – Co-Owner of the BS Podcast Network & Co-Host of the Science Faction Podcast Devon’s thoughts on the Trump Presidency PA teen “hunters” charged […]

PP: Episode 208

Australian wildfires/Half a BILLION animals killed “Affluenza” asshole arrested again (7:45) Ft. Worth Chicken Express employee told to remove her hijab or leave/Religious “freedom” (14:00) Psychic arrested for scamming woman […]

PP: Episode 207

Co-Host – Andrew from Youngstown New year’s “resolutions” MI Judge denied communion for being gay/Supporting gay marriage (13:20) Trump – Eddie Gallagher/Impeachment, Collins & Murkowski/Ukranian aid/Air strikes/US Embassy attacked in […]

PP: Episode 206

Louisiana church uses plane to spray town with “holy water” Kevin Spacey posts another bizarre video for Christmas (6:35) More measles at airports from more anti-vaxxer idiots (11:40) IA woman […]

PP: Episode 205

Co-Host – Andrew from Youngstown The Army/Navy game & racist cadets Hallmark commercial controversy (13:50) KY Governor Matt Bevin pardons murderers, rapists, child molesters & murder for hire convicts on […]

PP: Episode 204

OH, KY & their ridiculous abortion bills Houston Chief of Police urges gun control while Virginia Sheriff promises to deputize thousands in his gun sanctuary county  (16:15) Four more teens […]