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Category: Bronze

PP: Episode 194

Amber Guyger – Sentenced to 10 years in prison (3:15) Video released of Galveston Mounted Police leading mentally ill black man through the streets, tied with a rope (9:20) GA […]

PP: Episode 193

Ricky Harris from the Cody & Ricky show calls in with his old partner, Ivan – Reaction to my call to the Cody & Ricky Show/Ricky’s various podcasts & hosts/Gun […]

PP: Episode 192

  Car & body from 1997 found in retention pond on Google Earth (3:45) AA Mechanic who sabotaged plane was an admirer of ISIS (7:40) Purdue Pharma files for bankruptcy […]

PP: Episode 191

CA Ministry forces the homeless into panhandling (3:00) AL HS removes stall doors, in bits bathrooms only, to combat vaping (7:15) OH primary school’s lunch shaming (12:40) CA “message in […]

PP: Episode 190

Still a little hoarse from the flu Football – Notre Dame/Sweetness/Bears & Packers (3:55) Walmart stops selling ammo/Odessa shooting (10:25) Murders by insulin at the V.A. (21:30) AR 911 operator […]

PP: Episode 189

Getting over a wicked flu/Quitting daytime drinking Amazon Rain Forest fires (8:00) Marysville, Michigan Town Council candidate Jean Cramer wants to keep the town white (13:50) Blockhead Hannity attacks Bill […]

PP: Episode 187

My near miss in the car last week (3:25) Eastern Euro shithead goes to Missouri Walmart armed, in full tactical gear, for the fun of it (9:50) Some local governments […]

PP: Episode 186

Man attempts to poison his wife, on video, & Judge sentences him to 60 weekend days in jail (5:35) Sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts of America (12:05) Mass shootings […]

PP: Episode 185

Guest co-host Susi from Germany The Pink Lady Bandit arrested (9:15) $30 million dollar Brazilian airport gold heist (15:30) Dallas police kill mentally ill man who called 911 for help […]

PP: Episode 184

Gwen Shamblin – god vs. food PA school district threatens Foster care for kids who’s parents have outstanding lunch tabs (14:10) Oregon school district to implement mental health days (17:55) […]

PP: Episode 183

Maynard James Keenan vs. The Biebers (4:15) Madden ’20 ratings come out & slap the Bears in the face (16:40) No federal charges for NYPD officer who choked Eric Garner […]

PP: Episode 182

The Blue Bell ice cream licking scumbags identified (3:00) Racism – “Callbox Chris” (9:50) Man kills teen because he was “threatened” by his rap music (22:10) First US baby born […]

PP: Episode 181

The Fourth of July & how ignorant Americans are (3:45) “Manly” Force Factor pills & commercials (20:20) Nike, Betsy Ross & Colin Kaepernick (30:10) Judge James Troiano (NJ) says teen […]