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Category: Bronze

PP: Episode 291

Fat shaming/Lizzo Download anomaly/Switching hosts/BS Podcast Network shutting down (9:35) Checked out Amazon Prime Video…Now binge watching “Dallas” (15:55) Afghanistan fallout (33:20) TX school district makes masks part of the […]

TGP: Episode 172: Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade

This week, Ben and Sara gorge themselves on FFVIIR! We drive ourselves insane once again while trying to think up new theories. PATREON: Discord: Big Gay Nerds: […]

PP: Episode 290

Homeless man committed to Hawaii mental hospital for two years over mistaken identity UN report on climate change (10:20) Andrew Cuomo resigns (16:55) Judge rules Dominion lawsuits against My Pillow […]

PP: Episode 289

“Hot Ones” recap & aftermath Olympics – Belarus athlete seeks asylum/Men vs. women in mixed swimming/Weightlifting/Gymnastics/Track & Field (13:30) Leprechaun Hamish O’Glubbish calls in (34:30) Covid – NYC vax mandate […]

PP: Episode 288

My brother submitted his DNA to ME police officers beat a dozen porcupines to death (8:40) CO cop pistol whips & chokes compliant man for a probation violation (16:40) […]

PP: Episode 287

Kidnapping victim who was held for two months leaves notes in public bathrooms & gets rescued Havana Syndrome affecting more American Diplomats (5:55) Ted Cruz has blocked every Biden nominee […]

PP: Episode 286

Guest Co-Host Luke from the Dashing Thru the Bronx podcast (Spotify – ) Super Mario 64 sells for $1.3 million at auction (13:55) Richard Branson goes to space (18:45) […]

TGP: Episode 170: Resident Evil Village

This week, Ben and Sara gorge themselves on Resident Evil Village! We make it through with all our hands intact. MORNING XP BOOST: PATREON: Discord: Big Gay […]