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Category: Bronze

PP: Episode 252

Election 2020 – Biden wins Presidency/Trump is a one term wonder/America celebrates/Mark Meadows & Ben Carson have Covid/World leaders, who aren’t dictators, congratulate Biden Trump – Refuses to concede/Administration blocking […]

PP: Episode 251

Scottsdale, AZ apparently has a “no nigger zone” according to an Asian resident KY redneck pig sues Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend (8:45) Pope Francis condones same sex marriage (13:00) Trump – […]

PP: Episode 250 Borat nails Rudy Giuliani Trump – Debate recap/Final week of campaigning/Covid spiking across the country (20:40) 60 Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl (47:00) Bill Maher – Gus (1:26:05) Vote […]

PP: Episode 249

Coronavirus surge Barack Obama’s speech in Philadelphia (10:40) Trump – Dueling town halls/Upcoming debate/Calls Dr. Fauci an idiot/Former Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly says Trump is the most flawed […]

PP: Episode 248

N. Korea has military parade with world’s biggest ICBM Utah cougar confrontation (8:10) The amazing, fantastic, incredible video of a guy skateboarding, listening to Fleetwood Mac, and drinking cranberry juice […]

PP: Episode 247

Co-Host – Andrew from Youngstown St. Louis gun couple indicted SCOTUS – Kim Davis loses appeal/Clarence Thomas & religious “freedom” (18:55) Trump – Voting by mail/Vampira asks, “Who gives a […]

PP: Episode 246

Little league baseball (6:55) OH mom tazed at youth football game for refusing to wear a mask & trespassing Joe Montana & wife Jennifer thwart kidnapping of their grandchild in […]

PP: Episode 245

Jerry Falwell’s drunken fall down the stairs No officers held responsible for Breonna Taylor’s death (7:15) Trump – Mocks reporter for getting shot at protest/1776 Commission/Christopher Wray testifies/William Barr/CDC & […]

PP: Episode 244

DCFS employees arrested in AJ Freund case Houston police shoot mentally ill man 21 times (10:30) Breonna Taylor settlement (14:45) Should America segregate?/19 Black families buy 97 acres in Georgia […]