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Category: Bronze

PP: Episode 101

The sexual assault tour of America continues – Russell Simmons/Blake Farenthold/Matt Lauer (3:45) Croat General convicted of war crimes drinks poison in front of UN court (15:20) Project Veritas/MagaPill/Trump’s anti-Muslim […]

PP: Episode 100

Charles Manson dies Sicilian mob boss of bosses, Salvatore “Toto” Riina dies (23:45) Mom & Aunt Grace – Sicilian to English & back again (27:25) America’s sexual assault tour continues […]

PP: Episode 99

JFK Taxes – Suzan DelBene grills Thomas Barthold (JCT) (4:45) Jeff Sessions’ testimony (13:25) Sexual assault – Al Franken/Roy Moore/Donald Trump (31:25) Trump appoints Federal Judge with no trial experience […]

PP: Episode 98

Larry David – Holocaust/SNL/Curb Your Enthusiasm Texas church shooting (5:00) Wisconsin eliminates minimum hunting age (31:00) Puerto Rico and the Whitefish Energy investigation (37:40) Al Franken grills Facebook’s lawyer (44:40) […]

PP: Episode 97

More sexual harassment & assault fallout/Corey Feldman and whatever he’s about (2:40) Al Green vs. Ben Carson (30:00) General Kelly & the Civil War (40:50) Russian indictments – PaulManafort/Mr. Papadopoulos […]

PP: Episode 96

Halloween Elephant rescued ten miles out at sea off the coast of Sri Lanka (3:45) Playboy introduces first transgender centerfold model (8:15) Bill O’Reilly…The “victim” (16:30) “Kid” Rock says Senate […]

PP: Episode 95

Massive technical difficulties last week (2:25) Star Wars – The Last Jedi (2:30) Harvey Weinstein (5:55) California makes knowingly infecting people with AIDS a misdemeanor from a felony/Wildfires (14:45) SCOTUS […]

PP: Episode 94

UK first date disaster – Toilets, shit and windows (10:15) Las Vegas shooting (20:15) Trump – The military/Jeff Sessions/Religious “freedom” (1:07:20) Tom Price “resigns” (1:24:45) Congressman Tim Murphy (PA) abortion […]

PP: Episode 93

Martin Shkreli’s bail revoked (4:05) Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months in prison (7:40) GOP health care bill fails again (13:10) The NFL/National Anthem controversy continues  (20:35) The Humanitarian crisis in […]

XDE: Episode 137: Alchemy

Episode Notes:  We are back after a week off with some news, Preacher, Trailers and our topic for the week, Alchemy!!

PP: Episode 92

Mexico earthquakes (2:55) “Kid” Rock/Alex Jones & Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (5:45) STL cop acquitted of murdering unarmed black man/Riots (32:20) St. Pete Mayoral candidate Paul Congemi tells blacks to […]