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Category: Bronze

PP: Episode 232

Porn star Ron Jeremy arrested for raping three women Rookie Florida police officer I interviewed two weeks ago has the virus/GA officer has meltdown at McDonald’s (9:00) Racism – FL […]

PP: Episode 231

Aunt Jemima discontinued Coronavirus spiking in half of the country (10:35) Rayshard Brooks shooting (16:10) Seattle CHAZ (28:50) Boogaloo Boys/David Neiwert on left vs. right domestic terrorism (34:20) Trump – […]

PP: Episode 230

GA election chaos Racism – Travis McMichael’s racial slur/Cyclist assaults young girl over Floyd flyers/WI gym has “I can’t breathe” workout/Confederate symbols of racism being removed/OH Senator Steve Huffman says […]

PP: Episode 229

Idiot Steve King loses Iowa primary Rush Limbaugh says white supremacy and white privilege are a “liberal construct” (6:55) Drew Brees’ comments (13:35) Protests – Coronavirus, riots & looters/MLK on […]

PP: Episode 228

Racism – Central Park “Karen” aka Amy Cooper fired & dog taken away for racist production (3:45) Minneapolis cop murders man by knee to the neck as three other cops […]

PP: Episode 227

Almost every wolf is killed by trappers on Alaskan island (5:20) MI dams break (12:45) “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli denied release from prison (16:35) NC Senator Richard Burr steps down […]

PP: Episode 226

5 Year old celebrated for stealing SUV & driving on the highway Racism – McMichael rednecks charged with murder/911 call/NC officer’s Lynch mob at the wrong house (10:55) William Barr […]

PP: Episode 225

Racism – Jogging while black/GA father & son rednecks hunt & kill innocent man Joe Biden addresses sexual assault allegations (10:00) Trump – The debt/Kayleigh McEnany/Daniel Dale fact checks the […]

PP: Episode 224

The Last Dance – Bulls talk about the dirty bastard “bad boys” of Detroit/Michael Jordan…The GOAT Joe Biden’s sexual assault allegations (37:25) Coronavirus – Health vs. economy/Gov. Pritzker & the […]

PP: Episode 223

Guest co-host Andy Newsham Those two idiots at Damaged Goods reach a whole new level of stupidity (14:15) Biden, Bernie & the Presidential race/Dirty Bernie calls in (51:50) Coronavirus […]

PP: Episode 222

Julian Assange fathered two kids while in Ecuadorian Embassy (5:20) Linda Tripp dies (9:50) Kayleigh McEnany named 4th Press Secretary (12:15) Coronavirus – Florida – Davie police Chief says officer […]

PP: Episode 221

Guest co-hosts Ricky & Maria from Degeneration Radio Lockdown The Kennedy curse strikes again (13:05) Jeff Sessions begging for Trump’s endorsement (21:50) Bernie Sanders drops out of the Presidential […]

PP: Episode 220

Rick Wiles blames the Jews for the pandemic (4:00) Coronavirus – Jerry Falwell Jr. opens Liberty University against warnings, then closes it after student tests positive (9:45) Louisiana & Florida […]

PP: Episode 219

Guest co-host Shawn Thorpe from PG&E pleads guilty to 84 counts of manslaughter & gets a four million dollar fine (3:20) Coronavirus – Social isolation/Economic fallout (11:00) TX Lt. […]

PP: Episode 218

CT lawsuit aims to overturn ten round magazine ban (8:00) Right wing nutjobs propose the state of “Greater Idaho” (13:40) Biden vs. Bernie/“Dirty Bernie” becomes a reality when Sanders drops […]

PP: Episode 217

Gang of Brooklyn teenage boys beat teenage girl unconscious (5:15) Podcast reviewer Andy Newsham reviews the show/Damaged Goods (11:20) Alex Jones arrested for DUI/“Alex” calls in (28:25) Scumbag Woody […]