PBS: Episode 100: We are Old.

This episode contains: Celebrating, little kid soccer, Lionel Messi, Steven playing soccer, Edna playing soccer, Dorst’s break, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, recording RSP, 1989 Batman, so much Batman talk, […]

DLP: Episode 106: Ganjahorn

In this episode, SPJ returns to discuss his weeaboophobia. Milky makes a strong attempt to be politically correct. Pouch believes that flammable gas is a myth.  Pouch here. Time to […]

SFP: Episode 070: To Tame a Land

This episode contains: Carl’s Jr., hamburgers, crazy pizza toppings, TMNT, Gilgamesh Brewing, X-Wing Miniature Game Force Awakens, Star Wars: Armada Evolutionarily Speaking: Republican campaign and evolution, hermit crabs making rash […]

RSP: Episode 023: Batman

In this episode: Batman This week the your host’s watch the 1989 classic Batman. We learn a little about their relationship and a new way for the two to choose a […]

PBS: Episode 099.5 Penetrated Soul

This episode contains: Awkward conversation, weekend recap, Italian food, texting while driving, pissed off servers, no beers, Devon’s family, traditional wedding process, Grandma dates, expecting families, Devon’s mom loves Nicole, Devon’s family […]

SFP: Episode 069: Forced Climax

This episode contains: Devon’s decedents will take over the Earth, Pure BS Podcast guest hosts, engagement party, joint finances and the Domingues system, Nature Watch: Apes Know a Good Thriller […]

DLP: Episode 104: Escalator’s No Joke

In this episode, Paco returns and attempts to plan something for the 200th episode of Dropping Loads. Milky wants to start pimping girls’ feet. Pouch tries to hustle his parents’ […]

GDC: EPISODE 51: Good Nightmares

I’m joined by Roy from Moving The Needle. Clint sings, mash-up videos, Wes Craven’s passing, the celebrities lost in 2015, horror movies, Poltergeist, Japanese vs American horror, Scream, Wes Craven-directed Nightmare movies, […]

SFP: Episode 068: Journey to The Force Awakens

This episode contains: Rain forest of Brazil, Devon’s Mom keeps calling, engagement party Nature Watch: Estrogen and frogs, life finds a way, too many female frogs, sampling from different ponds, […]

RSP: Episode 021: Deep Throat

In this episode: Deep Throat Yup, this week we watched porn.  You would think we would be more excited but instead, we spent the first 20 minutes talking about Instagram. […]