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Category: Dropping Loads

DLP: Episode 241: Three Nuts Into The Arm

In this episode, SPJ treats the listeners to the Wallman Origins: Origins Story, a reboot prequel to the hit franchise surrounding the Dank Wall. Milky explains that he can no longer […]

DLP: Episode 240: Thigh Guillotine

In this episode, Lionheart returns and recalls a couple of toxic relationship stories. Milky believes that in the wizarding world, if one sucks at magic, the only option is tennis. […]

DLP: Episode 239: Dick Sock

In this episode, Paco returns and instead of discussing Japan, she defends homeless people. Milky goes on the defensive against Pouch and Paco. Pouch is convinced that Paco intentionally uses […]

DLP: Episode 238: Help Me, Teddy Roosevelt

In this episode, Lionheart has an overabundance of gas. Pouch finally contacts Ben Hooper. Milky revisits a video about anilingus and fellatio in prison. Pouch here. It’s a busy holiday […]

DLP: Episode 237: E. coli Boxer

In this episode, SPJ is upset with Pouch for not appreciating his computer setup. Pouch re-discovers SPJ’s Donald Duck impression. The boys analyze the phrase, “Tip drill.”   Pouch here. SPJ […]

DLP: Episode 236: Circus Punk

In this episode, Lionheart returns to promote a brothel in Japan. Milky seriously considers watching Flavor of Love. It is revealed to Pouch that while in Japan, he had a nickname.   […]

DLP: Episode 234: Nessklok

In this episode, Metal Ness returns and performs a concert for the boys. Milky expresses his love of midgets once more. Milky and Ness become fascinated with goats and urine. […]

DLP: Episode 231: Then, You Know You Lit

In this episode, Pouch discovers the truth about Nutella. Milky recites rap lyrics. SPJ admits that he enjoys Pocky. The guys wonder if it’s time to change the slogan of […]

DLP: Episode 230: Hug Waifu

In this episode, Milky and Pouch welcome their friend Nic on the podcast for the first time… to bid their farewells. A longtime friend of Milky’s, Nic is leaving to Texas […]

DLP: Episode 229: Off to Texas

In this episode, Gad (aka Benjamin Sandal) prepares for his move to Texas. Lionheart brings the last edition of the “Wrestler or Not a Wrestler” game. Milky watches The Predator. Milky […]

DLP: Episode 227: Blood Zaibatsu

In this episode, the A-team makes their full return. Milky hates the French. SPJ extracts the truth behind Crips-topher Robin. Pouch used the hard “R.” Pouch here. It’s been some time since […]

DLP: Episode 226: Blacked Out

In this episode, Lionheart and Milky talk about their recent trip to Philadelphia. Lionheart blacks out at the Rocky steps. Gad ponders on his porn star name. Milky here. The […]