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Category: Dropping Loads

DLP: Episode 200: Filipino Dick

In this episode, to celebrate episode 200, Pouch and Milky break their long-running format. Instead of presenting a Semi-Permanent for a laughter-filled hour, the co-hosts sit down and have an […]

DLP: Episode 199.5: Pouch-Level Cannon

In this episode, the guys bring back their friend Dorkie, who currently co-hosts “What the Con?” on the DLP YouTube channel. Pouch brings back Loads of FUN. Milky hates LEGOs. […]

DLP: Episode 199: Fuka Fuka Fuka Music

In this episode, ODG returns to talk about the latest Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer. Milky has some stuff to say about nearly half of South America and some of Central […]

DLP: Episode 195: SS Lil Yachty

In this episode, SPJ returns and wants to ask a poltergeist about Tupac. Milky and SPJ cast a brand new version of IT where Snoop Dogg plays Pennywise. Pouch here. After a month off […]

DLP: Episode 194: Entirely Pouch

In this episode, Pouch decides to curse the listeners with another solo episode while Paco and Milky are in Peru and before Hurricane Irma blows him away or drowns him. […]

DLP: Episode 193: Vagina Installation

In this episode, Paco promotes the use of the word “Lit.” Pouch brings what Paco deems is the most depressing story she’s ever heard. Pouch here. Get ready for a […]

DLP: Episode 191: We Got Felt

In this episode, Milky and Pouch take a trip to New Jersey, where they record from Newark Liberty International Airport, to help celebrate Kevin Smith’s birthday weekend and the 20th […]

DLP: Episode 190: Microchip Up Your Ass

In this episode, Ness announces his plans to break into the Internet and recalls his time at a Metallica concert. The guys remember Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. Pouch here. Though we […]

DLP: Episode 189: Horny Goat Weed

In this episode, SPJ finally returns to review Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders on a new Semi-Plot. Pouch admits he’d give up Batman for a certain celebrity crush. Pouch here. After […]

DLP: Episode 188: Water Pipes

In this episode, coming off his newfound fame from two hit YouTube shows, ODG makes his triumphant return. The guys review Spider-Man: Homecoming. Beware of SPOILERS! Pouch here. It was a little nerve-wracking to […]

DLP: Episode 186: Real Life Cat Dude

In this episode, Paco and the boys discuss parental discipline and their experiences with getting beat. Both Pouch and Milky contribute to a new edition of Paco’s Tacos. Pouch here. […]