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Category: Dropping Loads

DLP: Episode 223: Tiene Sabor

In this episode, Paco returns to hype up DLP’s second trip to Japan. Milky speaks of his father’s shady past with orange theft. Pouch is entirely exasperated with Paco’s disproportionately […]

DLP: Episode 221: Titties are a Drug

In this introspective episode, Metal Ness returns after a prolonged absence. After some soul searching, he’s ready to tell the boys what he plans to do with his life next. […]

DLP: Episode 219: ∞ Pu$$y

In this episode, Milky was hotly anticipating SPJ’s return, both admitting who their favorite SP is. SPJ wants to start an ASMR podcast. The guys push Pouch to do a […]

DLP: Episode 218: Crooked Dick Johnny Hogg

In this episode, Milky is sad because Argentina got destroyed in the World Cup. Lionheart reminisces on the best New Year’s of his life. Gad wonders why he even talks to them. […]

DLP: Episode 217: La Fajita Jugosa

In this episode, Paco confesses to a coveted location where she’d like to make love. Milky is excited about the World Cup, but disappointed that Paco and Pouch are not. Milky is […]

DLP: Episode 216: Do You Remember?

In this episode, Gad takes gas station dick pills. Lionheart brings a brand new wrestling-related game for the boys to play. Gad quietly judges as Milky and Lionheart talk about […]

DLP: Episode 212: A Woke Room of Dicks

In this episode, SPJ has returned and now he’s woke. Milky desperately wants to know if a Caucasian male was bestowed a gift from a Black male. SPJ reviews Avengers: Hoodfinity Wars. Pouch […]

DLP: Episode 211: Esta Bueno

In this episode, Paco can’t seem to impress the intake clerk at a community health clinic. Milky gets upset about all the stupid bitches that come up during each story. […]

DLP: Episode 210: Pity Dick

In this episode, Gad gives his permission to white people to shout, “Wakanda Forever!” Milky hates Gotham. The guys discuss some heavy geeky stuff in Popping Loads. Pouch here. Gad hadn’t […]

DLP: Episode 209: Africa Being Cool

In this episode, the boys return from a long hiatus. Milky becomes obsessed with a The Room soundboard. SPJ simplifies Black Panther to “Africa being cool.” Pouch here. Sorry, guys. We had to take our […]

DLP: Episode 208: Pouch Not Alone

In this horribly recorded episode, Pouch attempts to use a new software to record a podcast with a friend living across the country and fails. Good friend and DLP supporter […]

DLP: Episode 207: Don’t Commit Sudoku

In this episode, SPJ returns after an 11-year long absence from the podcast. SPJ and Pouch argue over the parameters and qualifications of anime. Milky thinks he’s triggered Pouch. Pouch here. […]