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Category: Dropping Loads

DLP: Episode 248: Gathering of the Gigolos 

In this episode, Milky and Pouch discover Lionheart’s secret love for Jean-Claude Van Damme. Lionheart shows off his mustache. Milky fantasizes about attending the Gathering of the Juggalos. Pouch here. […]

DLP: Episode 247: Dog World President

In this episode, self-proclaimed Hood Weeaboo, Devon returns to express his distaste for Batman and his love of anime and manga. Pouch fails to defend Batman against two Spider-man fans. […]

DLP: Episode 246: The Elder

In this episode, Russ the Elder discusses his love of Taco Bell hot sauce. Milky finds his favorite YouTube channel. Pouch is curious about cats and apocalyptic visions. Pouch here. […]

DLP: Episode 245: ¡Hijo de Mil Puta!

In this episode, Metal Ness returns after losing his way in Nicaragua, but finding faith later on with Stryper. Milky describes the various expletives from Argentina. Pouch is just disappointed […]

DLP: Episode 244: Driven by Nut

In this episode, Paco returns in the zero hour to rediscover her faith. Milky realizes that he’s an honorary Peruvian in the eyes of Paco’s father. Pouch here. Yeah, we […]

DLP: Episode 243: Mondongo

In this episode, SPJ returns after viewing four different Asian documentaries that baffle Milky and Pouch. SPJ and Pouch explain the concept of projectile vomiting to Milky, who strongly believes […]

DLP: Episode 242: Nipple-las Cage

In this episode, Pouch accidentally double-books their friend Devon with Lionheart. Together, they discuss Flavor of Love and how it became the Marvel Cinematic Universe of reality TV. Pouch makes […]

DLP: Episode 241: Three Nuts Into The Arm

In this episode, SPJ treats the listeners to the Wallman Origins: Origins Story, a reboot prequel to the hit franchise surrounding the Dank Wall. Milky explains that he can no longer […]

DLP: Episode 240: Thigh Guillotine

In this episode, Lionheart returns and recalls a couple of toxic relationship stories. Milky believes that in the wizarding world, if one sucks at magic, the only option is tennis. […]

DLP: Episode 239: Dick Sock

In this episode, Paco returns and instead of discussing Japan, she defends homeless people. Milky goes on the defensive against Pouch and Paco. Pouch is convinced that Paco intentionally uses […]

DLP: Episode 238: Help Me, Teddy Roosevelt

In this episode, Lionheart has an overabundance of gas. Pouch finally contacts Ben Hooper. Milky revisits a video about anilingus and fellatio in prison. Pouch here. It’s a busy holiday […]

DLP: Episode 237: E. coli Boxer

In this episode, SPJ is upset with Pouch for not appreciating his computer setup. Pouch re-discovers SPJ’s Donald Duck impression. The boys analyze the phrase, “Tip drill.”   Pouch here. SPJ […]

DLP: Episode 236: Circus Punk

In this episode, Lionheart returns to promote a brothel in Japan. Milky seriously considers watching Flavor of Love. It is revealed to Pouch that while in Japan, he had a nickname.   […]

DLP: Episode 234: Nessklok

In this episode, Metal Ness returns and performs a concert for the boys. Milky expresses his love of midgets once more. Milky and Ness become fascinated with goats and urine. […]