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Category: Full Belly Laughs

FBL: Episode 77: Ketchup vs Mustard

Description: This episode features the hosts of Nerds with Words and a cohost of Highlander Rewatched. They chat about the pros and cons of ketchup vs mustard. After reacting to […]

FBL: Episode 76: Best Burger in Philly

The hosts of the “I’ve Made a Huge Mistake” Podcast drop in for a hot discussion about burgers. They debate the best one, then react to listener recommendations. After the […]

FBL: Episode 74: Best Pizza in Philly

Looking for a great slice of pizza in Philadelphia? Look no further. Full Belly Laughs surveyed and answers they received. Comedians Jon Edelman and Steve Johnson join host Brian Durkin […]

FBL: Episode 73: Wawa vs Sheetz

Which convenience store is your favorite? Find out what the comedians had to say on the matter. They also react to audience responses to the question. Comedians Jon Edelman, Steve […]

FBL: Episode 72: Meat vs Cheese

People argue why you should give up meat and/or dairy. We investigate the pros and cons of each to help you decide which food group you would hypothetically give up […]

FBL: Episode 70: Funny Food Names

Listen to Philly comics discuss weird and funny food names. Rediscover some words and dishes you always knew were silly, but forgot about. Comedians and Podcasters Eamon Dougherty, Maddie McLennon, […]