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Category: GeekDig

GDC: Episode 180: Shogun Jesus

Clint and Jesus (host of Horrible Gamers Podcast) get a little serious but have a lot of fun! The guys talk about why there was no episode last week, life […]

GDC: Episode 179: Switch It Up

Screw technical difficulties – can’t keep Clint & Steve down! We talk about death in the family, Vegas bound, first dates, Clint gets a Switch (what should he get for […]

GDC: Episode 178: The Sick Show

Clint & Steve crawl out of their deathbeds to talk about their weeks, Clint geeks out over upcoming concerts and cooking, Solo Trailer, Madden 18 doesn’t get it right, Philadelphia […]

GDC: Episode 177: Have Mercy On Mercy

Clint & Steve discuss their weeks, patch week, Destiny 2 patch, Overwatch patch, WoW expansions, WoW new races, Air Force messing with Pokemon GO, Madden predicts the Super Bowl, cheater […]

GDC: Episode 176: In Progress

Steve’s back! After a heartfelt reunion, the guys talk about their weeks, Coco, The Shape Of Water, Clint sees Rick & Morty, shout out to Travis McIntire of Source Point […]

GDC: Episode 175: The Words of Stan

No Steve this week, so Clint sits down for a nice long chat with Stan Konopka, writer of the graphic novel The Rejected, member of Source Point Press. Tangents abound, […]

GDC: Episode 174: Japanamese

Clint & Steve are back, Clint is sick, teasing an upcoming surprise, shout outs to ADO, Clint wants a job training noobs, Coco brought all the feels, PUBG Xbox One […]

GDC: Episode 173: The Frickening

Clint & Steve talk about finally getting the podcast on Spotify, shout out to Shawn “DJ” Freeman, celebrating New Years Eve, Clint’s new nephew, taking a new hobby, good things […]

GDC: Episode 172: Geek the Halls

Clint and Steve talk about their Christmas, Clint sees Jumanji, PS Winter Sale, holiday service outages, Clint cancels Game Pass, Cuphead sells 2 million, Rocket League surpasses 38 million players, […]

GDC: Episode 170: Feck Skype

Clint & Steve give Skype the middle finger, then discuss new recording platforms, Spotify, Clint finishes college, kicking ass at work, Star Wars: The Last Jedi (spoiler-free), PUBG, Warframe, an […]

GDC: Episode 169: Black Flag Still Rocks

Steve is back – Clint missed his buddy! The boys talk about recent happenings, Clint’s loving Assassin’s Creed IV (apparently, others still love it as well), Mega Man 11 is […]

GDC: Episode 166: Porg Baby Donut Holes

Steve’s sick this week, so Clint is joined by Tony from the Salty Language Podcast (the sexiest podcast on the network). After shout outs and finally remembering the networks, Clint […]

GDC: Episode 165: Forehead Furburger

Steve is back! We catch up on things, then talk about work recognition, Thor: Ragnarok, Clint goes nuts on the Xbox Black Friday sale, EA & the Battlefront II loot […]

GDC: Episode 164: Liam Neeson Is My Daddy

Steve has been forcibly kidnapped (possibly out of revenge for last week), so joining this week is Travis-T from This Freakin’ Show! We talk about calling Clint out, doing podcasts […]

GDC: Episode 163: Eggcellent Super Chickens

Steve’s working and Skip’s schooling, so hanging out this episode is Colin, one of the freakin’ awesome trio of the podcast This Freakin’ Show! Clint & Colin discuss their weeks, […]