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Category: Hollywood Already Did It

HAD: Episode 121: Krypton

Terrence and Blake discuss the pilot for Krypton, the state of super hero TV shows, and the future of the DCU streaming service.

HAD: Episode 119: Deadpool 2

Blake, Terrence and Andres cover the sequel to Deadpool, how the characters stay interesting and nuanced, what we want from a potential X-Force movie, and the dos and don’ts of […]

HAD: Episode 117: Cobra Kai

Blake and Terrence talk about YouTube Red’s new show Cobra Kai the smart, funny, dark, weird follow up to the Karate Kid we didn’t know we needed so badly. Seriously […]

HAD: Episode 116: Infinity War

Blake and Terrence are joined by Andres and Zeyne to discuss what has been 10 years in the making: Marvels Avengers Infinity War, and it is so good and you should be […]

HAD: Episode 111: Tomb Raider

Blake and Terrence talk about the movie based on the reboot of the video game that had two movies based on that. But don’t worry Tomb Raider is not as […]

HAD: Episode 109: Red Sparrow

Blake Terrence, and Zeyne get into the new spy thriller Red Sparrow, why a movie like this is timely and important and should be told, and the difference between unnecessary violence and nudity, […]

HAD: Episode 108: Annihilation

Blake and Terrence look into the adaptation of Annihilation and discuss its themes, how it hits or misses what made the book work, the different distribution model for this movie, […]

HAD: Episode 107: Black Panther

ALL HAIL THE KING! Blake and Terrence discuss Black Panther, how they brought this character to the screen, the importance of diverse stories, what it means for the culture, and […]