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Category: Hollywood Already Did It

HAD: Episode 128: Equalizer 2

Blake and Zeyne discuss the makings of a good action sequel, and why Hollywood continues to chase the ‘Taken’ or ‘Die Hard’ structure.

HAD: Episode 127: Skyscraper

There was nothing for the show this week which you would think means that everything in theaters was an original idea. You would be mistaken! We take Skyscraper the wanna be remix […]

HAD: Episode 126.5: The First Purge

Well its the fourth of the July so enjoy a bonus episode. Grab your fireworks, your BBQ stuff, and whatever else you want because during The Purge there are no rules! Listen […]

HAD: Episode 123: The Incredibles 2

After 14 years it has finally happened. The Incredibles 2. And Blake and Zeyne are here to tell you all about how great this movie is, how it does a long awaited sequel justice, […]

HAD: Episode 121: Krypton

Terrence and Blake discuss the pilot for Krypton, the state of super hero TV shows, and the future of the DCU streaming service.