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Category: Live from the Middle Urinal

LMU: Episode 97: Was That A Baby?

This week, Matt is joined by Dom to talk about John McCain and how Dom loves “The Bachelorette” (0:00), Tiger vs. Phil is on like Donkey Kong and Phil can’t […]

LMU: Episode 96: Chickens

This week, Matt is joined by Rob to talk about chickens of all shapes and sizes (0:00), their all-time snack foods (12:30), the optimal length of time for coitus aka […]

LMU: Episode 92: Two for Flinching

This week, Matt is joined by Phil to talk about In My Feelings (0:00), how many waves of 2nd graders they could take (5:10) and what Mike Tyson’s chances would […]

LMU: Episode 91: Beware of Lava Bombs

This week, Matt is joined by Rob to talk about the mystic sport that is professional cornhole, the Home Run Derby, and why the designated hitter rule going to the National […]