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Category: Nerds With Words

NWW: Episode 63: Maddie McLennon

The winner of our first annual Guest of the Year poll is Maddie McLennon and we are excited to welcome her back to the show! Maddie McLennon is a stand […]

NWW: Episode 62: Brother Martin

Brother Martin is an indie rock group from Philadelphia, PA. You can find their latest EP at You can follow them on Facebook & Instagram @BrotherMartinBand.

NWW: Episode 61: Maddie McLennon

Maddie McLennon is a stand up comedian & graphic designer. She runs weekly shows at Paddy Whacks, Ortlieb’s and Milkboy South in Philadelphia, PA. You can find her on Twitter […]

NWW: Episode 60: Alex Barry & Joe Mahoney

Alex Barry and Joe Mahoney are stand up comedians. They have an upcoming TV series called “Jude.” You can donate to the show You can follow Alex on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram […]

NWW: Episode 59: Rachel Fogletto

Rachel Fogletto is a stand up comedian. She co-hosts two monthly shows in Philadelphia. “Comedy for Gentlemen” is every first Friday of the month and “Broad Humor” is every fourth […]

NWW: Episode 58: Grady Hendrix

Grady Hendrix is an author and screenwriter. He is also one of the co-founders of the New York Asian Film Festival. You can find all of his books at […]

NWW: Episode 57: Noah Spear

Noah Spear is a world champion Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt who owns Spear Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Philadelphia. You can follow him on Instagram & Facebook @Spearjiujitsu. You can find his […]

NWW: Halloween Special

We had on past guest Christopher JC to talk about Halloween, horror movies, ghost stories and all things creepy.

NWW: Episode 56: Juliette Miranda

Juliette Miranda is an author and podcaster. You can find her podcast “The Unwritable Rant” anywhere you can find podcasts. You can follow her on Twitter @MorningNeurosis and Instagram @theunwritablerant.

NWW: Episode 55: Mike DiAlto

Mike DiAlto is a stand up comedian. He runs a monthly comedy show in New Hope PA Called “John And Peter’s Monthly Comedy Show”. You can follow him on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram […]

NWW: Episode 54: Abigail Bruley

Abigail Bruley is an artist and filmmaker. Her upcoming film “Main Blessings” starring Ted Leo is coming soon. You can contribute and preview her film at You can follow […]

NWW: Episode 53: Joe Fattorusso & Lou Pizzi

Joe Fattorusso & Lou Pizzi are the hosts of “The History Of Guy Stuff” podcast. You can follow them on Twitter @Guystuffpodcast and Facebook @Historyofguystuff and their website

NWW: Episode 52: Michelle Biloon

Michelle Biloon is a stand up comedian. You can listen to her comedy album “You Can Be An A**hole” on iTunes and She also has a monthly show in […]

NWW: Episode 51: Zilla Rocca

Zilla Rocca is an independent hip hop artist from south Philadelphia. You can listen to his new album “Good Luck With That” with his group Career Crooks on iTunes, Spotify […]