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Category: Nerds With Words

NWW: Episode 073: Eddie Finn

Eddie Finn is a stand up comedian. He co-hosts monthly shows with “Laughs On Philly”, all over Philadelphia, PA. You can follow them and get information to upcoming shows at […]

NWW: Episode 072: Brian Durkin

Brian Durkin is a comedian and podcaster. You can download his podcast “Full Belly Laughs” anywhere podcasts are available. You can follow him on Twitter & Instagram @FullBellyLaughs.

NWW: Episode 71: Matt Hyams

Matt Hyams is a comedian and writer. You can find his satirical website “Ego Baby Mag” at Matt also has two monthly comedy shows. Comedy Underdogs in Philadelphia and […]

NWW: Episode 70: Casey Kuftic

Casey Kuftic is a stand up comedian. He co-hosts a monthly open mic called “Nacho Mic” and hosts a monthly show “Philadelphia Brewing Comedy” in Philadelphia, PA. You can Follow […]

NWW: Episode 68: Kevin O’Fee

Kevin O’Fee is a stand up comedian. He co-hosts a weekly open mic in Philadelphia at Paddy Whacks and hosts a backyard show at Temple University called “Shamu Boogalo at […]

NWW: Episode 67: Dan Clark

Dan Clark is a stand up comedian. He co-runs a weekly open mic at Paddy Whack’s in Philadelphia. You can follow him on Instagram @DanClark1208 and Twitter @DanClark08.

NWW: Episode 66: Trout Brothers

You might call this “a very special episode.” This week we welcome Ben Trout and Matt Trout making this the first podcast appearance ever of all three Trout brothers gathered. […]

NWW: Episode 65: Natalie Wanner

Natalie Wanner is a blogger and author. Her blog “Crazy on the inside” can be found at She has a book coming out “Married and single at the same […]

NWW: Episode 64: Joseph A Gervasi

Joseph A Gervasi is a co founder of Exhumed Films, a co owner of Diabolik DVD and the creator of LOUD! FAST! PHILLY! You can follow him on Facebook & […]

NWW: Episode 63: Maddie McLennon

The winner of our first annual Guest of the Year poll is Maddie McLennon and we are excited to welcome her back to the show! Maddie McLennon is a stand […]

NWW: Episode 62: Brother Martin

Brother Martin is an indie rock group from Philadelphia, PA. You can find their latest EP at You can follow them on Facebook & Instagram @BrotherMartinBand.

NWW: Episode 61: Maddie McLennon

Maddie McLennon is a stand up comedian & graphic designer. She runs weekly shows at Paddy Whacks, Ortlieb’s and Milkboy South in Philadelphia, PA. You can find her on Twitter […]

NWW: Episode 60: Alex Barry & Joe Mahoney

Alex Barry and Joe Mahoney are stand up comedians. They have an upcoming TV series called “Jude.” You can donate to the show You can follow Alex on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram […]