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Category: One More Drink

OMD: Episode 70: Mascot Showdown

Blake Andres and Terrence are joined by Jay Washington (The Trusty Sidekick Podcast) and we discuss mental health, the state of comedy, and who would win in a fight between […]

OMD: Episode 69: Mind Your Manners

We live in a digital age of swiping and paying people with apps, and using photo sharing apps as a means of communicating, but we don’t really have new manners to go […]

OMD: Episode 66: Its Two-Face, not Two-Body

Blake is absolutely shook after realizing something about a beloved Batman villain, and we also try to figure out what our younger selves would think of us now. Hashtags: Batman, dc, comics, twoface, […]

OMD: Episode 63: The Assumptions We Make

Brian J Patterson joins us and we discuss the differences between dating as a heterosexual and dating as a homosexual. Hashtags: dating, homosexual, gay, straight, heterosexual, lovesimon, love, SO, sex, sexuality, […]

OMD: Episode 62: A Debate on Fast Food

When it comes to fine dining we know best. But IS it fast food if there is no drive through? Hashtags: Fastfood, mcdonalds, eat, food, foodporn, podcast, comedy, toys, onemoredrink, omd, drink, drinking, burgerking, fiveguys, wendys, […]