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Category: Guest

SFP: Episode 127: Where’s the Shire?

This episode contains: Super special guest Miles Greb,  we talk about the impending release of the second issue of After the Gold Rush, his new graphic novel Clovis and it’s […]

PBS: Episode 157: One Last Snort

This episode contains: Devon in the Ben chair, mocking Ben, YouTube, self-driving cars, types of cars, cost of cars, Ben joins the show!, disgruntled podcaster, not a bit, last ep […]

PBS: Episode 152: Jedi Gut Feeling

This episode contains: Steven still doesn’t follow the news, being a single dad, EpiPen, IotaMan1701, Charlotte is burning down, the state of race relations in America, distrust of police, historic […]

BSPN: Episode 015: Live from Facebook

Thank you for your Awesome August donations! Here is your extra special, one time only, HD, special edition, ultra-powerful BONUS EPISODE. Featuring: Ben Dorst, Steven Domingues, Shawn (Of Horribly Awkward) […]

PBS: Episode 144: BarrelHouse

Live on location, George and Matt from the brewery, Devon is here, radio for the internet, stolen wort, gallons to a barrel, pomegranate stout, making bad beer good, bacterial fermentation, educated […]

PBS: Episode 135: CJN

This episode contains: No more fighting, saying something awful, listener of note, Iota got his job back, incest, negative Gryffindor points, shaky voice, too sad to make jokes, front page of […]

SFP: Episode 104: GMO Extravaganza Pt.2

This episode contains: …and now the conclusion, Miles Greb, March Against Monsanto, interviewing protesters, cat milk, FDA, Bernie Sanders, Hillary, science and presidential politics, pseudoscience of the left and right, […]

PBS: Episode 134: The Whole Tip

This episode contains: Dorst is still loud in his headphones, brand new member of the BS Podcast network, paudcast network, American Idol, you better be funny, trial by fire, Iota is […]