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Category: Reel Stupid Podcast

RSP: 064: Halloween Creeptacular Part 1

This week we delve into the spooky as fall blooms it’s deathly chill all around us. We talk flies on Hillary, the Toolbox Murderer, skinwalkers, Morgellons disease, and the haunted […]

RSP: Episode 063: #KenBone

This week we talk about children going insane, Sloane’s twitter madness, and pussy grabbing politics. Sloane and Paul are worried about SIDS and Ben says his 3 year old doesn’t […]

RSP: Episode 062 Cheese Nausea

On this episode we talk about self driving cars, wiping yourself, babymoons and Samoa Bundt cakes. Ben took his daughter to a car show on a golf course and Sloane […]

RSP: Episode 059: Soul Numbers

This week we have more baby talk, some Juan news, astrology, numerology and sweaty tits. Sloane finally figures out what kind of child she is spawning and her husband is […]

RSP: Episode 057: Sweet Touches

Another week another podcast. Ben waxes intellectual on Zika and we welcome Sloane back to Florida, where the mosquitoes are being defeated by copious amounts of DEET. There are a […]