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Category: The Know Your Draft Podcast

KYD: Episode 16: Starwars Recast

We probably should not have, but we did anyways.  Join us as we touch on a subject that is near and dear to our hearts and millions of other: Starwars.  On […]

KYD: Episode 15: Breakfast

Come join us as we create the most important meal of the day!  Thats right we are talking about breakfast.  Travis is out numbered at the table nationality wise.  Listen along […]

KYD: Episode 13: Fourth of July Party

Happy 4th of July!  Join us as the panelists draft a party that you are all invited to.  (Theoretically)  We become party planners and decide what light beer we will […]

KYD: Episode 012: Certified Rotten

For too long we have talked about films that are looked upon as worthy of watching. This week we switch it up and draft films from 4 actors that must […]

KYD: Episode 011: Alphabet Series B

Our second installment of our Alphabet series. Two super fans of the show join us as we draft movies starting with the letter B from: Action, Comedy, Drama and Science […]

KYD: Episode 009: Alphabet Series A

Welcome to our first installment of the alphabet series. On this episode each guest must draft a movie starting with the letter A from the rounds of: Comedy, Action, Science […]

KYD: Episode 8: Toms & Tommy

In this episode the panelists must select a film starring Tom Hanks, Tom Hardy, Tom Cruise and Tommy Lee Jones. Join us for some fun as we make our selections […]

KYD: Episode 007: Episode 007 PS4

First recorded episode with everyone off site!  On this episode of The Know Your Draft Podcast: Travis has his gaming friends come on to draft a PS4 game set to […]

KYD: Episode 006: Episode 006 Movies #2

On this episode Sean from The Alpha Zone Gaming Podcast and Sean on Stuff joins us as the panelists draft another bargain bin DVD package this time from the categories […]