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Category: The Know Your Draft Podcast

KYD: Episode 009: Alphabet Series A

Welcome to our first installment of the alphabet series. On this episode each guest must draft a movie starting with the letter A from the rounds of: Comedy, Action, Science […]

KYD: Episode 8: Toms & Tommy

In this episode the panelists must select a film starring Tom Hanks, Tom Hardy, Tom Cruise and Tommy Lee Jones. Join us for some fun as we make our selections […]

KYD: Episode 007: Episode 007 PS4

First recorded episode with everyone off site!  On this episode of The Know Your Draft Podcast: Travis has his gaming friends come on to draft a PS4 game set to […]

KYD: Episode 006: Episode 006 Movies #2

On this episode Sean from The Alpha Zone Gaming Podcast and Sean on Stuff joins us as the panelists draft another bargain bin DVD package this time from the categories […]