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Category: This That & Everything

TTE: Episode 18: One Star

Brad ampersand Jay read stupid one star Facebook reviews and try to guess what the reviewer looks like. Subscribe to us on iTunes at Follow us on Podbean at And […]

TTE: Episode 16: Drunken Master

Brad & Jay are back to one on one this week to talk about the Drunken Master, Duck Pate and Hot Ron. Subscribe to us on iTunes at Follow […]

TTE: Episode 14: Behind The Register Vol 1

Episode Description: The first episode of Behind The Register. This segment will be on going, short skit style episodes. This episode features “Redneck Shopping Network” with Larry T. Whirl, “Learning […]

TTE: Episode 13: The Mohawk Spitting Cobra

Episode Description: Brad & Jay discuss the Mohawk Spitting Cobra, Agent Orange, King D-Bag, and as per usual Triple D.  Subscribe to us on iTunes at Follow us on […]

TTE: Episode 11: Voldemort Twinkie

Brad has a conversation with Lord Voldemort. The adventures of Lord Voldemort include flipping off a customer, assuming an Asian lady works at a nail salon, little Timmy-Johnny and some […]

TTE: Episode 10: The Velcro Valkyrie

Brad and Jay discuss Mike “Ponyboy” Johnson, The Velcro Valkyrie and Ghostbusters! Subscribe to us on iTunes at Follow us on Podbean at And on the BS Podcast […]

TTE: Episode 9: Dutch Oven

Brad and Jay have a special guest, former coworker, Dutch. We talk about, Co workers that eat your food and dropping the work deuce . Subscribe to us on iTunes […]

TTE: Episode 8: Meth Bus

Brad and Jay continue the tale of Triple D trying to procure young kids to be his valentine and Brad has an epiphany as to why meth heads ride the […]