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GDC: Episode 90: Pinball Wizards

Todd’s off getting drilled (it wasn’t as sexy as that sounded), so this episode Clint is joined by gaming buddy & pinball enthusiast, Ryan Gibson (a.k.a., Gib8777)! We talk about pinball, pinball […]

WP: Episode 109: Call of Duty Sucks

  Zach and Jonny react to recent Call of Duty and Battlefield trailers and the controversy they spawned. They also talk about the upcoming Comicpalooza panel featuring the Houston Nerd-Casting […]

DLP: Episode 137: Superboyz N the Hood 2

In this episode, SPJ returns to review Captain America: Bloods vs. Crips. Milky has the entrepreneurial spirit. Pouch wants to know about your favorite moments from the show.  Pouch here. […]

SFP: Episode 064: Apocalyptic Gaming

This episode contains: Horrible day at work, Blue Apron pizza, arugula on pizza? (Why?), gross olives, Devon is learning to cook, Thug Kitchen, tofu (is supposedly good according to Steven), […]