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SFP: Episode 140: Twitch Dreamer


This episode contains: We start off with Valentine’s Day and why Rotten Tomatoes’ reviews might be a little off. Steven then tells Devon he should watch Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23 because he would relate to the brand of humor. Steven is losing it since his daughter is no longer napping.

Fun with Pseudo-science: We look at an article on a “science” webpage about the meaning of dreams. We look at 9 common dreams and what they might mean. We’ve got: finding an unused room, out-of-control vehicle, falling, flying, unprepared for an exam, naked in public, unable to find a toilet, teeth falling out and being chased. We have fun talking about these dreams but seriously question how there can be a universal meaning for any dreams.

It Is Your Destiny: A grandfather shared a story of how the game Destiny saved his life. Steven tells us the story of Twitch Streamer who acts as a Sherpa for an elderly man in Destiny. He was a retired man with hand tremors who spent hours a day working on the solutions to the mysteries of Destiny. He shares his life story of tragedy and we learn how a video game gave him a reason to live. We also discuss a man who may have traded one addiction for another, but it seems to have been a good thing overall.

Star Wars Boning Music: We found out that Australia’s favorite song to copulate to was the Star Wars cantina band song. This is based on a report from Spotify, which we find pretty dubious. But it’s a fun fact, if true, and gives us a reason to talk about Star Wars! (Not that we need a reason.) In the Legends canon this music was called “Jizz.” We ask whether this meant the same thing when the music was named as it does now. Unfortunately, it probably did. Steven also explains “head canon.”

Books: Devon finally finished the Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy and gives it a 5 out of 5. According to him if you like Stephen Baxter/hard sci-fi then you need to read these books. He’s now reading The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin, a sci-fi/fantasy book that he’ll probably talk more about on the next ep.

Lego Batman Movie: We both saw the movie and give our impressions and reviews. Surprisingly, Devon liked it more than Steven did. We compare it to the Lego Movie, live-action clips, Batman’s past, clever references and more! We then discuss the meaning of “parody.”

Q&A: Can insects get fat?

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