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BSPN: Bonus Episode 023: Origin Story

BSPN_bonus episode
Thank you for your Jubilant January donations! Here is your extra special, one time only, ultra 4K, HD, special edition, over 9000 BONUS EPISODE.
Featuring: Steven Domingues and Devon Craft
This episode tells the harrowing tale of high school, bands, high school bands and answers to drunk questions. Devon gives us an estimate of how many LEGOs Steven owns, Devon playing with paper mache and TMNT, our dinner date, where we used to hang out at our high school, our first meetings, Devon jumping from a high (high) jump, how Devon joined the group, Steven remembering racist jokes, 17 year old high school drama, friends changing friend groups, the first time playing a “gig” together, our high drummer, we take a break and Devon plays some Iron Maiden, the first time we had a singer in our band, Simon Miller and his youtube thing, old douche bag friends, moving away from each other yet staying together, San Francisco and Fresno, nihilism and growing up, being responsible, furthing your genetic line, making the network into a “business” business.

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