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SFP: Episode 146: Mike Troup & TEC

This episode contains: We start the show off by existing, which pretty much all we do. We then introduce the interview that you won’t hear until the second half of the show. Devon recaps his Star Wars: Armada playin’ including the Corellian Conflict Campaign and a tournament.

Biological Imperative: Scientists have demonstrated a method of turning a spinach leaf into heart tissue. This helps provide veins in the tissue, which are difficult to replicate otherwise. This can be done by using the cellulose structure of the leaf.

This Week in Space: The sands of Titan are electrically charged. Titan’s non-silicate granules are blown by wind, collide, then become frictionally charged. The frictional threshold is thus increased and the sand sticks together. This would make building a sand castle on Titan really easy but would cause problems for a ship or probe that lands on Titan. This was tested by simulating the atmosphere on Titan and tumbling sand together in a tube.

Mike Troup of “The Earth Collective”: We have an interview with Mike Troup of the podcast/radio show drama “The Earth Collective.” He describes the premise of The Earth Collective, where you can listen to the show, and the other media related to the podcast. Season one is being re-issued now and season two is coming soon!

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