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SFP: Episode 167: The Last Jedi Strikes Back

This episode contains: We went down a river together, so we talk about it! Steven enjoyed it even though he had to drive a lot. Devon recounts the story of a drunkin’ rope swingin’ gone wrong. We also give an update on our LEGO, including what we’ve bought and new info on the LEGO Falcon. Also, we played some Star Wars: Armada.

Wow, Trees: What’s the annual value of trees in a city? It’s been calculated so we discuss what that means and how it was formulated. Trees help with pollution, wind, water runoff, temperature, and more. We also discuss the Giving Tree.

Social Media Migraine: Live tweeting a presidential debate helped retain information about the candidates’ positions. This was the opposite of what was expected. We theorize that live tweeting requires understanding and processing the information more so it sticks better.

Sci-Fi: We break down the season finale of Game of Thrones. We learn that Devon isn’t disturbed by insist. More accurately, he isn’t shocked by it anymore. We then compare this entire season to the other seasons and how the story telling has changed. For example, how they story of Lord Baelish was presented. And of course, all the convenient time jumps in this season. And we want more main characters to die! We then move on to Star Wars and Force Friday. Some possible spoilers for The Last Jedi. We look at the titles of cards that may or may not give us the plot of The Last Jedi. Devon is still sure the movie will be a lot like Empire Strikes Back. And we up our bet on whether the “Ski speeders” are actually going to battle the gorilla AT-ATs. We then talk about the new ships in The Last Jedi and ask where the Resistance capital ships are.

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