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MOW: Episode 182: Cars 3 Discussion

On this episode, we present a discussion about Cars 3, the Pixar movie released in the summer of 2017 movie season. Since Lee was unable to come on the show for MOW #181, we decided to let him have a majority of this episode. To help Lee out, Mr. and Mrs. MOWnonymous, Richard Hercher and Rachelle Crow-Hercher, come on the show to discuss the movie. 
As you may have noticed, when Cars 3 came out in theaters, we never did a movie review. We decided to delay our discussion of Cars 3 to give you the opportunity to watch the movie and devlope your own opinions.
Do I need to say spoiler alert? Hopefully, you have seen the movie by now. If not, do it this weekend and then come back to listen to the show before we release the next show.
What did you think about our discussion? Did you agree or disagree with what we said on this show?  Any comments? Share them at Your opinions are always welcome on our show.

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