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MCC: Episode 89: Erick Lopez

Actor/filmmaker Erick Lopez joins host Elias on this week’s podcast episode. Erick Lopez stars as Hector on the CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (on Netflix internationally) and he had a recurring role […]

NWW: Episode 96: Mallory Leonard

Mallory Leonard is a stand up comedian. You can follow her on Twitter @Mallory_Leonard and Instagram @malloryleonard. SPONSOR: – 30% off entire order! Largest online vape catalog available! Buy […]

VS: Episode 225: Joe Jacoby

Yay! Today, we are joined by 3 time SuperBowl Champion, Joe Jacoby!  Joe is a former offensive lineman for the Washington Redskins, who is widely considered the best Redskin not […]

DLP: Episode 236: Circus Punk

In this episode, Lionheart returns to promote a brothel in Japan. Milky seriously considers watching Flavor of Love. It is revealed to Pouch that while in Japan, he had a nickname.   […]

RSS: Episode 111: Chat with Will Noonan

Rob talks about more “Cronick”les with Doug. Comedian and regular on “The Anthony Cumia” joins Rob and Doug and talks about his most recent trip NYC, his new girlfriend, Rob’s […]

OOO: Episode 214: Kim Tavares and Kameron Torry

This episode of One on One, @jaspercolesays is joined by longtime friend and comedian @kimrtavares and her son, actor and comedian @kadilac_kam to talk about the state of comedy, political correctness, and generational […]

GDC: Episode 215: No PAL Of Mine

After revealing the true identity of Stacy’s Mom, Clint & Steve talk some video games – what we’re playing, what we’re looking forward to in December, Xbox & PSN free […]

HBP Episode 145: Patricia Summersett

@Summersett_  #actorslife #assassinscreed #acting   Listen or watch as Patricia and I chat about the Game Awards 2018, being an assassin, Zelda, the art of voice acting and much more (source: IMDB) Patricia is […]

MCC: Episode 88: Lucie Pohl

Actress-Comedian Lucie Pohl joins host Elias on this week’s episode. Lucie is best known as the voice of ‘Mercy’ on Blizzard’s “Overwatch. Overwatch” is considered to be one of the […]

NWW: Episode 095: Billy Strange

Billy Strange is a comedian from Philadelphia, PA. You can follow him on Instagram @WilliamPStrange and Twitter @billynpstrange. SPONSOR: – 30% off entire order! Largest online vape catalog available! […]