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PP: Episode 95

Massive technical difficulties last week (2:25)
Star Wars – The Last Jedi (2:30)
Harvey Weinstein (5:55)
California makes knowingly infecting people with AIDS a misdemeanor from a felony/Wildfires (14:45)
SCOTUS gerrymandering case/Arnold Schwarzenneger (21:15)
Gay coffee shop owner kicks out “christians” (25:50)
John McCain on white supremacy (32:50)
Trump – Vampira vs. Vampira/Trump vs. Tillerson, Corker, NBC & everyone else/Stock market & the debt/Executive orders/Health care (36:40)
The GOP/Obama’s premonition jokes/George W. Bush (1:06:00)
The attack in Niger/General Kelly/Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (1:15:35)
Blackhawks/Notre Dame/Bears/Cubs/Mike Ditka’s stupid comments/NFL & the Anthem/John Caponera’s Harry Caray (1:28:20)


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