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SFP: Episode 213: More Machine Than Man

This episode contains: Devon has gotten the hard stuff out of the way so is a bit “jolly.” He’s also trying out his dehydrator to make jerky.

Rise of The Machines: Ford is using passive exoskeletons to help it’s works in their factories. We find out we have no idea what training is required to operate forklift. We then debate whether the power loader from Aliens is possible today.

Scambots: Researchers inadvertently found twitter bots conducting a crypto-currency scam. The scam’s pretty basic: give us money and we’ll give you more back, then don’t.

Itsy-Bitsy Robot: Robots are getting small, and spider shaped. These particular soft, multi-functional robots were made to see how small well-functioning robots can be made.

Sci-Fi: We go over recent Star Wars news about Ep 9. There’s not much yet: Finn’s hair, Carry Fisher will be in it, Disney is trying to get the TV rights back for the first six Star Wars. There’s a new image of a ship at Disney.

Asgardia: Our reading of the Asgardian Constitution then gets in to a surprising long discussion of political philosophy. Enjoy!

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