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TSP: Episode 027: We Get Lost in the XCloud

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Steve and are here for episode 26. The Save Point Podcast is now partnered with and the If you like what you hear please subscribe, comment and rate us. Tell us how we are doing

In this Episode..

Congrats to the Convoluted Podcast joining” (2:10)

What Jesus has been playing (3:30)

We Lost Jesus (4:20)

Our Special Guest Coming Through (5:15)

What has Jesus been playing (20:14)

What is Steve Playing Just Cause 4 (7:30)

Indie Game Dawn of Man (12:10)

How did Dan get to his room? game (23:42)

Who’s in Dans house? game (30:01)

The Caligula Effect: Overdose Review (31:04)

XCloud on Xbox Annouced (51:01)

What Will the First Next-Gen Console Announced? (58:30)

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