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SFP: Episode 256: You’ve Been to Space

This episode contains: We both went on vacation. Steven visited family and Devon did things. Devon had to save Steven at the airport. Also, Devon got in a fight with someone over an intercom.

This Week in Space: Astronauts Aren’t Dying From Space Radiation, New Research Suggests. Excessive exposure to the Sun’s harmful rays is an occupational hazard endured by astronauts, who run the risk of contracting cancer and heart disease as a result. At least that’s what we thought. New research shows that astronauts aren’t dying prematurely, but scientists caution that long duration missions will pose serious risks.

This Week in Space: NASA Is Sending a Life-Hunting Drone to Saturn’s Huge Moon Titan. NASA is sending a drone to Titan. It is called Dragonfly. It will launch in 2016 and land 8 years later. They will study the organic chemistry on the Titan.

Sci-Fi: Steven is watching the new The Magic School Bus with his daughter. Devon watched the Deadwood Movie. We then discuss the new Sopranos movie and how the show ended. We then get into our review of Spider-man: Far From Home. We’ve got tons of SPOILERS.

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