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HBP: Episode 170: ‘Just a Girl’ with Claudia McKell, Michael McKell and Jacob Anderton

‘”Just A Girl’ is a short film about a troubled, young, deaf woman who is desperate to be heard when she falls in love with a local hero. You will hear her story, even if she can’t” This is the tagline for the new short film from Claudia McKell which tackles hearing loss and how people react. Claudia is a young, motivated film maker who has started her own film company too, which empowers women in film. Michael McKell is an established actor of stage and screen with credits including Emmerdale, The Bill, Eastenders through to feature films such as Allied, Winter Ridge and 13 Graves, where he filmed alongside Jacob Anderton, a young enigmatic British actor with a host of credits and who co-stars in Just a Girl. 

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