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SFP: Episode 294: Bake the Sick Away

This episode contains: We’re recording from our secret bunkers. Devon tells us about Lego Masters.

Big Things, Small Package: On Mars or Earth, biohybrid can turn carbon dioxide into new products, Bacteria on nanowires convert sunlight, carbon dioxide and water to organic building blocks. Chemists have created a hybrid system of bacteria and nanowires that captures energy from sunlight and transfers it to the bacteria to turn carbon dioxide and water into organic molecules and oxygen. On Earth, such a biohybrid could remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. On Mars, it would provide colonists with raw material to manufacture organic compounds ranging from fuels to drugs. The efficiency is greater than the photosynthetic efficiency of most plants.

Paleontology: Giant dinosaur footprints found on the roof of a cave in France. Recently reported in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, researchers from the University of Burgundy–Franche-Comté discovered the three dinosaur trackways during an expedition in 2015 around the labyrinth-like Castelbouc Cave beneath the Causse Méjean plateau in southern France.

Sci-Fi: Steven talks about cooking, VR escape rooms, Westworld, The Matrix 4, and more!

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