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SFP: Episode 311: Non-Chaotic SMILES

This episode contains: We get this episode rolling with some talk about our sick pets. Don’t worry all is well, except our carpets.

The Future is so Bright, You have to Wear SPF 300: Chemists have created the brightest-ever fluorescent materials. Chemists formulated positively charged fluorescent dyes into a new class of materials called small-molecule ionic isolation lattices (SMILES). We talk about what these new fluorescent dyes could be used for and how they are truly amazing.

Math: How does yield of 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate compare against Halifax explosion, Hiroshima bombing? We talk about the tragedy in Beirut and how the explosions of ammonium nitrate compares against other powerful explosions. We also attempt to drill down on what ammonium nitrate actually does / is, but kinda fail.

Technology: We take a moment to talk about the Firefox web browser, and different ways that you can keep yourself safe on the internet. Ben also has some great tips on how to stop SMS spam on your phones!

Science Fiction: Steven has watched several episodes of the second season of Umbrella Academy, but Ben hasn’t even seen a trailer! For any of it! So, Steven gives the premise for the show and the comic in a very non-spoilery way. We’ve both watched the first episode of the new Star Trek series Lower Decks and talk about it at length; Steven with a casual eye, and Ben diving deep into it. And finally, Ben tells us about the fan fiction production Alone Together and if it can even be called fan fiction, when actors from Star Trek reprise their roles for un-official stories.

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