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SFP: Episode 313: Digital Public Square

This episode contains: We start out the episode talking about the California Wildfires and how they are effecting our lives. Then, a bet is settled.

You Have Got to be Kidding Me: An anti-vaccine group sues Facebook, claims fact-checking is “censorship.” We dig into this issue, from a legal standpoint and from a logical standpoint. We talk about this so much, it’s the only article we do this episode. It’s that important.

Science Fiction: Ben watched the 1933 King Kong with his family and we talk about it a bit. Devon gives us his opinions on Umbrella Academy and he finally watched Watchmen, so he talks about that too. Steven tells us about the cool tech that’s in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Ben talks about the non-Burnout Burnout games Dangerous Driving and Danger Zone 2. We then dig into Lower Decks and talk about the many trials that Chief O’Brien has had to face.


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