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MFX: MFXtra: The Scottish Announce Table – Ep 18.

Duckman and George ‘The Animal’ Peel are back to bring you news and show reviews in the weird world of pro wrestling. It’s a pro wrestling podcast, with a decidedly Scottish flavour. On the show this week…

Happy Halloween MFX Galaxy! We don’t really have a spooky show for you this week, just tons of prowrestling news, reviews and plenty of laughs. Hear all about Duckman getting baked and having a nightmare time ordering stuff on Amazon that he doesn’t remember. Then it’s wrestling chat time. The lads give WWE Hell in a Cell the SAT treatment – full review of all the matches, finishes, angles and all that good stuff. The show was decent, the review is tremendous.

One of the true good guys in pro wrestling – Tracy Smothers – passed away this week, so the lads pay tribute to him and marvel at footage of him wrestling a bear from back in the day! The lads discuss the news that Netflix will be making a documentary about Vince McMahon, plus the reaction of WWE stars who have been forced by Vince to close their Twitch streams and also give him the rings on their fingers and the fillings in their teeth. There’s some chat around the recent investor call and Duckman wonders if WWE’s house show tour could soon be a thing of the past.

The lads preview AEW Full Gear PPV, they run down the matches, the build to each and agree that whatever you say about AEW, they know how to build to a PPV! The show is wrapped up as always with an all time classic Random Retro PPV Review! This week it’s Halloween Havoc 1998, one of the most WCW PPVs ever. The show ran long when it originally aired and most fans didn’t see the Goldberg v DDP main event. The lads can’t believe this when the show is packed full of important stuff like Nitro girls dancing, a three hour Rick Steiner angle that makes NO SENSE, TWO Disco Inferno matches, pointless squash matches, stupid finishes that make NO SENSE, and one of the WORST MATCHES EVER with Hogan v Warrior. Good god this show was bad, but so much fun to review. The perfect way to end the show and begin your Halloween celebrations.

So sit back, relax and get some SATP goodness in your life. Thanks for listening, spread the word of the show and all that good stuff.

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